Merdeka Day

Got up early in the morning and we started our journey to KL at 6.30am. We reached Tapah at about 7.30am. We had our breakfast before we continued out journey to our new place. 

Tapah rest stop is rather patriotic in view of the Merdeka day.

We reached our intended destination at about 9.45am. After spending some time over there, we headed to USJ for our lunch.

I was curious about this vegetable. 
It was tasty.

After lunch, we headed to 1U for a shopping spree. Actually I wanted to redeem a Samsung tablet for the boss but it was out of stock. So he got to wait for a week to get his new toy.

Shopped at hush Puppies as it offered great discounts.

Before we called it a day, we had our tea break at Miam Miam.

 I had tasted the squid ink spaghetti before when I was in Penang recently and I didn't like it. So this time, I didn't touch this plate.

I was supposed to drive back to Ipoh but the boss didn't stop for me to take over. So he drove all the way and he missed the exit to Jelapang. So you can imagine we had to take another hour to reach home!


  1. wow, must be a very happy family day out in KL on Merdeka Day.. i wonder if it's very packed in the malls?? i usually try to stay away on public holidays :)

  2. Nice outing. Er, I never taste a charcoal ink pasta before. Look yukky.

  3. You must have enjoyed your shopping

  4. So you and your boss did a day trip to KL. Nice! Too bad he missed the exit and took another hour to reach home.

    I blogged about the vege before. Please take a look if you are interested:

    Happy belated Merdeka day!

  5. Oh the vege is called Ching Loong Choy. Nice to have. Had it in Ipoh Tuck Kee too. Yum

  6. What a coincidence. We have a town called Tapah.

  7. What a nice trip to KL, you were in 1U? It's one of my favorite place to hangout lo!! =]

  8. That plate of squid spaghetti doesn't look inviting to me xD

  9. Oh dear.. so you all went to KK and detour back? Anyway, saw your pictures in FB.. looks like you all enjoyed yourself very much!

  10. Wow! You went to Miam Miam. The food there is very nice and the service is really superb. When the bill came, I fainted of course!

    1. If you ever visit One-U again in future, it would be easy for me to walk there from home to just say "Hi" to you.


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