Birthday cake

Both my girls bought me a red velvet cake yesterday. The elder one asked me if I would like to have a red velvet cake when I was still in the shop. I told her that my favorite cake is still either chocolate moist or black forest. I didn't know that they had bought a cake for me at that time. 

When I reached home after work, I saw the cake in the fridge. A red velvet one. Well, since it's a gift, I wouldn't mind it.

So I went to take my bath. After that, I was towel-drying my hair. My girl who would be back to KL told me to celebrate it. But I told her that I would only celebrate my birthday on the real day.

Since she wouldn't be around on my birthday, I sliced a piece for her. She was eating it happily.

But before that, she wanted me to pose with the cake. I was not prepared. My hair was still messy and I was in my night gown!

But this morning, I got up early to go to work. She was up early too. She tried to reason with me. Why I wouldn't celebrate my birthday just a few days earlier. I told her that it's only proper to celebrate on the exact day. This time she was not too happy. 

For her sake, I quickly lighted up the candle and took a photo. She sang the birthday song to me. She was thus satisfied! :)

Thank you, my darling!


  1. Good you celebrated your birthday with your girl!

  2. Happy Birthday in advance! Your daughters are very thoughtful and loving...

    1. A year older but you look a year younger! Really a WENNder Woman!

    2. Where is your next holiday destination? Boss must have kept a surprise for you.

  3. Haha your girl is so cute but she's right, since she will be leaving back to KL and wouldn't be here on your birthday, she sure hope can celebrate with you.. Just light up candle, sing song and blow candles, haha.. I like red velvet cake with that cream cheese frosting too.. Yummmzzz.. Happy birthday sweetie.. You look like 21, really!

  4. your girl is very sweet and thoughtful indeed, and I can see why she insisted that you celebrate your birthday earlier while she's there with you.. and I think you don't have to insist you only celebrate once on the actual day though, have fun and feel loved with many celebrations!! :)

  5. Wenn, if you din't mention, I won't notice that's a night gown!!
    And you look good la, hair not messy also ;)

  6. Replies
    1. So your birthday is around mid-autumn, will have wenncake & mooncake at the same time

  7. Happy Birthday to you in advance! Your daughter is so sweet to want to celebrate with you in advance since she will not be around on the actual day. Good that you finally relented and celebrated with her.

  8. Happy Birthday in advance, Wenn. :)

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU WENN!! Yes, your girls are so sweet.. sure they would like to celebrate together with you... I wouldn't mind as long as everyone is happy.. then on the real day, celebrate again with own friends if kids not around.. Double makan good food! :)

  10. Wenn, your girls are so sweet and thoughtful to you. So nice that they remembered and wanted to celebrate it earlier with you.


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