My pet dog, Hebe

Since my previous two dogs had passed away, only left Teddy which is almost 7 years old. It's high time for us to get a new pet. But we were not seriously thinking about it until recently when a friend approached me.

She insisted that I adopt one of her puppies which were born on the 8 August. I was still hesitant as I knew I would be burdened. But the boss was keen about it.

She then brought the puppy to our shop last Saturday. The little puppy seemed so quiet. I took her home in the evening. Teddy was furious. He barked non-stopped for almost half an hour. He almost bit the puppy's tiny ear. I had to scold Teddy.

My girl bought the milk powder from the pet shop. I gave Hebe the milk and she loved it.

Soon she fell asleep. She's so cute and I told my kids that she slept like a roasted pig. :)

But I supposed she missed her mama as she was crying for the past two nights.

She was active and wanted to come out and play. But I won't be able to play with her as I don't have the time. Only my girl will play with her.

By the way, Teddy has stopped making noise. He must have accepted the new gal.

Happy staying, Hebe..


  1. Oohh, Teddy and Hebe, sounds like a good pair.. I'm sure Teddy will accept Hebe, and will be good friends sooner or later.. Hebe will have a wonderful home at your place..

  2. yeah, great that you have adopted a dog and have a new member at home.. and yes, Hebe's sleeping so cute like a roasted pig, hehe!!

  3. I can understand.. it can be a burden cos we have to feed them everyday... when I go outstation, I have to look for someone to feed my pet too... if short holiday never mind.. long one then I also pening.. but it is nice to have a doggie in the house.. can make some noise like an alarm..

  4. Hahha cute ! I love dogs too but too lazy and troublesome to take care of them. Moreover I had 2 kids at home.

  5. I loves the puppy, it's so cute... Hope you take more picture often and post them in Fb, hehe...

  6. What a cute dog!! Teddy will be happy and hope for you to adopt more dogs. The more the merrier!

    1. It is not expensive to keep few dogs considering the happy and security returns!! I love dogs!

  7. Cute puppy and I love the name Hebe!

  8. I saw your photos at FB, this dog is really very cute!!

  9. What a cute dog! Nice things sometimes do come in small packages, don't they?

    How are you Wenn? Say, I'll be having a nice Batik book to give away. Do come by later to drop off your entry in a simple comment.

  10. Teddy must be jealous at first. The new dog will stop missing her mama when all of you become her close friends.

  11. Hope Teddy really accepts her and play with her.


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