Birthday Lunch get together

Since there are 6 of us sharing the same birthday month ie September, we are going to have fun..Not fun in any sort but lunch!

Since one of us is a vegetarian on Tuesday, we are going to have a vegetarian lunch! Isn't it nice?

And since it's all my sole idea, I am going to treat us all! What a waste for those being invited but couldn't make it!

And also since I had redeemed my Melaleuca loyalty dollars, I'm being very generous to wrap up those redeemed products as gifts to my friends.

I can't wait for tomorrow...


  1. Happy birthday to all of the six September babies! Very kind and generous of you to treat all for lunch.. Can't wait to see the nicely wrapped up presents..

  2. Wow! You are so kind to treat everyone. Happy birthday to all. Enjoy your lunch.

  3. Happy birthday to all! So generous of you to treat everyone. Enjoy and have fun!

  4. It is very healthy to be a full time vegetarian like my wife. I cannot go full time and hope I will be healthy always.


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