A gift for the boss

Well, I mentioned before that I have a friend who deals in Brooks. I got all my shoes from him as he gave me the best price. 

Recently I got this pair of Ghost 7 Brooks shoes from him. He gave me 30% discount. He has been very kind. It's for my boss since our wedding anniversary is just around the corner..

Yesterday was a good excuse to go for a special dinner at Yum Yum with my two kids. Because it's a Sunday!

Happy anniversary to us..

Recently, the boss was being robbed and his little finger was hacked by a parang. He's recovering. And I become a boss again as I work from morn till night. The big boss has to rest..

That explains why I hardly go online. I need to sleep early as I need to get up early to prepare our lunch!

Just waiting patiently for the boss's MC to be expired so that I can go to work later like before..


  1. Happy anniversary. Nice Brooks shoes. I like the colour.

    Oh dear. Glad nothing serious happen to your "boss". Wish him a speedy recovery. You also rest well. No wonder didnt see you around lately.

  2. Happy anniversary and nice shoes, looks like Spiderman shoes :)
    Sorry to hear about the incident, speedy recovery and get well soon.. You too, rest well, take good care of yourself..

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your boss. now robbers are inhuman. take money enough la. Wanna hurt people pulak.

    Speedy recovery to him

    you be careful too when moving around

  4. Congratulations, Wenn and Boss!!
    Hope he recovers fast too... sorry to hear that... really very dangerous nowadays.. men also can be robbed..how about ladies? We are more on the high risk group.. sigh.. what is Malaysia becoming into..

  5. Happy anniversary and glad your 'boss- is recovering. Dangerous !

  6. wow!! black and bright red!! that's a very striking color, sure get spotted easily, nice shoes!! :)

  7. Happy Anniversary to you both sweet darlings!!

  8. I am so sorry to hear that your boss got robbed and hacked! This is so scary to hear. Nearby my home, a lady went to the bank to withdraw money and the robber got down from his bike and punched her face real bloody hard before grabbing her bag. I often wonder whether these victims all looked wealthy?

  9. Now your boss received a nice and fabulous shoes!! He can do flying kick at the robbers and run faster!!! Muahahaha

  10. Happy anniversary to you both! Your gift to him is very nice. May your boss recover fully soon. May I ask how it happened?

  11. initially i really thought you buy a pair of shoe for your BOSS (what i meant the boss in the office). I was wow~ you are so brave, some bosses don't like people buy them shoes...
    HAIZ HAIZ HAIZ... Shoes means HAIZ in cantonese~ (a.k.a SIGH~)

  12. Oh dear wish 'the bozz' speedy recovery & happy Anniversary

  13. Happy anniversary yah. :D so nice to remain married for so long.


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