Short trip to Taiping

Two weeks ago, my mum called me to tell me that she was going for a physiotherapy for her backbone. After she had done her first session, I called her and she told me that her second session would be tomorrow. So I wanted to see her.

Since my eldest girl came back for her holidays, I suggested that we visited my mum. My youngest girl tagged along.

My mum was so happy to see us. We went for our dinner in town.

After dinner, we rested at home. I messaged my friends and we decided to meet for an early breakfast the next day.

We met at 8am and another two friends came later.
We left after about 90 minutes. 

In fact I went there again with my mum and my two girls for their lunch.
I was too full to take lunch.

After that, we explored the new emporium in town, The Taiping Mall.
Didn't buy much things. Just bought some biscuits and a pair of shoes for my girl 
and another pair for myself.

With much satisfaction, we went back to my mum's place and packed our stuff.
Before we headed home, we visited my aunt.


Today, Sunday, we had our special lunch with my girls and boy in Sushi Tei.

My dish..
Didn't manage to finish it.
Didn't quite like it as the prawns were so soft.
I prefer them to be crispy.


  1. A full of fun day filled with nice activities.. The girls look really sweet, I like all the photos you post.. Oohh yeah, when the fried prawns/tempura are placed too long together with the rice and gravy, it'd turn soft...

  2. your mum is sure very happy to see you as well as her grandchildren

    no time to meet up the four Taiping Blogging Mommy, ooppss, but they have stopped or been cooling off in blogging huh?? :p

  3. Seems you have a good time back home. :)

  4. Hope your mom's back is better now.

    what a wonderful day of visiting.

  5. Your mom must be really happy to see you and your two daughters visiting her. Hope your mom is feeling better after her physiotherapy.

  6. Hope your mum is alright by now.


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