A new lesson

Well, my boy has been driving like a pro driver since he acquired his driving lesson. I was busy with my own work that I had forgotten to teach him a vital fact about our car, the Toyota Corolla which is already 20 years old.

He only knows how to fill up the petrol judging from the meter. He also knows how to pump the tyres. Mainly being taught by his mama..

Every time there's problem with the car, I'm the first one to connect. Then I will connect with his papa as always. I used to get nagging when my kids encountered any car problem.

 So this morning, my boy was on his way to a place for his saxophone training. At one of the traffic lights junction, the car broke down. Immediately he thought of me. Called my hp but I forgot to put it on 'ring'. Missed a few calls, he called the shop. I was in the shop at that time. I picked up the phone and the first word was, "I need your help!"

I couldn't help him. I had to tell his papa. But at that moment, we were rather busy with the customers. After a while, I told his papa. He became grumpy..Anyway, he had to help. He got his friend mechanic to help.

Later, I called my boy and for the first time, he told me that he could manage. The mechanic had called him and he would see to that.

Late evening he came back and he said, "Ma, the car front bonnet is stuck!" I was shocked. I tried it and it could be opened. I came to realise that he didn't know how to open it. He needs to press the metal piece down in order to open it.

I checked the plastic container and found that it was empty. I filled it up with water and I told my boy to make sure that water is filled up to the required level.

We needed to go for our dinner. His dad was meeting his friend. So we went on our own. My boy drove us. When we reached the parking place, I noticed that the car temperature had shot up. We just left it to cool and we went for our dinner. 

I had Japanese pan mee..

Before we went home, we checked the car. I filled up the plastic container with water again. It had dried up earlier. We moved on till somewhere when I noticed the high temperature. I instructed my boy to park the car somewhere near the main road but suddenly the meter went back to normal.

So I prayed that we reached home safely. We continued with our journey and finally we reached home. 

Tomorrow my boy has to bring the car to the mechanic for checkup..



  1. Keeping cars up can be such a hassle!

  2. Oh yes could be quite dangerous when the water temperature shoots up.. Must stop the car immediately..

  3. Must be the radiator fault? Yes. Better bring to workshop. I had this problem before once. Scared the shit out of me.

  4. Better to have it check at the workshop...

  5. oh that's scary.. the engine temperature keeps going up and you keep filling in the water tank.. luckily your boy could handle it and you both reached home safely.. :)

  6. Maybe it's time for you to get rid of this old car. Less hassle. I'm sure the maintenance cost adds up can be more expensive than a getting a new car, as well as the troubles.

  7. Oh my! Well, at least you have managed to last long even with what appears to be an outdated and moribund ride. That is just a testament to your sibling's driving skills. However, the oldness of the car is an issue, and you are going to have to deal with that soon. You may even have to start and think of a replacement, or at least an update. All the best!

    Ross Adkins @ Bullseye Auto Glass

  8. There must be a leak somewhere for the water to dry up so quickly. Your son sure learns a lot about the car after experiencing all these. Good to know both of you reach home safely in the car despite it overheating.

  9. good that he is learning to tackle car problems by himself.

  10. This post brought me so much memories! My father forced me and my brother to change car tyres when I was only 12 years old! It was so tough then as I was skinny and only 12!!! He made me take off 2 tyres and swap with my brother who had to take off another 2. Father just wanted us to practice in case my mother or sister encountered punctures.

    1. Your son is so cute and innocent, not knowing how to open the bonnet! Wakakaka

  11. Good for him to have a chance to learn how to solve things by himself!! =]


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