Happy Day

I was surprised when the sales representatives brought the banners for the boss..See, he was so happy and he happened to be in a good mood today. 

Nice banner. Wonder where the boss gonna hang them..

Another surprise hit me. For the past few weeks, I didn't dare to mention about bonuses for the workers. CNY is just around the corner and I thought that he might have forgotten..

Suddenly, he asked me to prepare 'ang pow' for the workers. Good news! I quickly wrote down the workers' name with their salaries. He then decided on how many weeks/months to be given. Then I started straight away calculating the amount to be put in the ang pows. The boss then checked the vouchers and signed them.

I put the required amount in the red packets. Finally, they were done and I kept them in the safe. Thought I heard him said to be given tomorrow. Out of the blue, he told me to give them today so as to make them happy!

So were they happy? Definitely, they were surprised too! Boss asked, "Did they say 'Thank-you'?" Oh yes, they definitely did.

Wishing the workers a happy and prosperous new year!

Happy Valentine's Day too!


  1. That is nice of you and the boss!

  2. So so so nice of you and the boss for the bonus angpaus.. Everyone is happy, everyone works better too..

  3. so nice of the sales rep to bring the banners to your boss.. and probably that banner made him so happy he wanted to give bonus to everyone in the shop!! hahaha.. good, so Wenn has a prosperous CNY ahead~~ :p

  4. Nice of the boss and you... :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  5. Wenn, Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  6. Indeed, I guess everyone is happy when they received bonus!!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you!!

  7. The CNY happy vibes are around!! :)

  8. Gong Xi Fa Cai Wenn.

    So nice of the boss to give them early. Can do some pre-CNY shopping

  9. Your boss sure knows how to make the workers happy!!
    Wishing you a GREAT CNY, Wenn!

  10. Your boss is so kind and generous! My boss is selfish and stingy, so I better work for your boss! Muahahaha


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