Valentine's Day/CNY mood

Recently a customer cum friend gave me a bouquet of plastic flowers and asked me to do something about it. She didn't want to throw it as it still looks new but a little dusty.

What I did was I took out all those flowers and gave them a good wash. I kept the vase for my money plant. I used the flowers as shown above.
First of all, I have lots of those small bottles which contained my berries drink. My girl told me to keep them. But I have too many of those bottles so I decided to use them as a small vase for those flowers and Ferrero Rocher.

I wrapped ang pows over the body of the bottles to make them attractive.

All done and I'm giving them away to my ChangJiang chat group members.
Happy Pre-Valentine's Day and Pre-CNY!

And I made number 8 out of ang pows..fatt for prosperity..

Here's wishing everyone a prosperous year ahead...


  1. So creative of you! Best to reuse things and not throw them away. The number 8 made of angpows look really nice too!

    P/S Thank you for sending me the angpow packets. It was a very nice surprise!

  2. You are so creative to reuse and recycle those flowers and bottles to make into something new and lovely! I like..

  3. Love your background Red Lamb. So festive :)

  4. that's very creative of you to make those little bouquet of flowers and Ferrero Roche.. I am sure those who receive would be loving them!! :)

  5. This is very thoughtful and creative to recycle the stuff. Nicely done, Wenn.

  6. That's a very early wish, hehe.

    I wish you and family the same too!

  7. wow nice and the no. so auspicious!!

  8. So creative of you!! I like the Ferrero Rocher the most, hahaha!! One of my favorite chocolate!!

  9. I have not put up my CNY decorations yet in the house which I would had already done by this time in the previous this time, hubby merely put up 2 tang lungs at the car porch. Life becoming busier for me & less time to do anything else but work. Happy Chinese New Year to you too & Gong Xi Gong Xi.


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