Kuih Bakul (2)

This is another way of eating kuih bakul.

Cut the kuih bakul into slices and then steam them.

Then coat each ball of kuih bakul with the fresh dessicated coconut.

I did two plates and believe me, I finished up the first plate.


  1. oooh...I love it ! Bought some last sat but not nice!

  2. I love this, easier to prepare than the fried ones.. Look so so good, I can eat it just like that too..

  3. oh, besides sandwiched it between sweet potato and yam and have it deep fried.. i also love them eaten this way, steamed and coat with desiccated coconut..

  4. I have not tried to steam before, most of the time, fried it...

  5. Wow, you can finish one whole plate by yourself. I dare not do so.

  6. Yes, this way of eating nin kou is nice too, easy and fast!

  7. I love eating this way too, another way is putting the kuih bakul into red bean soup. I want to make it this weekend.

  8. I really love kuih bakul and I have 2 good ones waiting for me to fry or dip into coconuts.


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