Yee sang (2)

On the seventh day of CNY, I actually prepared yee sang for Chang Jiang people.I didn't tell the boss about it and I was actually worried if he would disapprove it. But upon arriving at the shop before noon, I simply declared to him that I had prepared yee sang for Chang Jiang. Wow, he seemed to like the idea!

simple one for Chang Jiang

Spot the boss..

Today I had a CNY gathering with my Chang Jiang customers/friends.
I prepared in abundance as I had forseen quite a number of them.

It was fun as I had read out some auspicious phrases with their meanings and they said aloud after me.
I had also put some ang pows underneath the plate of yee sang.
After the tossing, I distributed the ang pows to them saying that all those good wishes would come true.

True or not?
I believe so!

Happy CNY!

And this was the best ever CNY gathering for us!

Thank you for your kind attendance, my friends!


  1. so nice you have rounds and rounds of yee sang tossing with your family, colleagues and friends!! the Ipoh Taukesoh will sure be very prosperous and wealthy this year after so many rounds of shouting "huat ah" and auspicious phrases during the yee sang sessions~~ :p

  2. So Banyak makan and Lau juak! I should move and live in Ipoh since there is a WENNderful friend there.

  3. It is all the mindpower of yours that will happen with your kind heart and good wishes!

  4. That's so nice of you. Looks like a nice gathering!

  5. Very nice and generous of you to invite CJ friends and customers to the gathering.. Looks so good, I never get bored eating yee sang..

  6. True or not, I also believe so, as long as it's good, I don't mind of doing it.. =]

  7. Nice of you to prepare the yee sang and the ang pao... Same with TM, i should move and lives in Ipoh, hehe...

    1. Eh harlow, when you have bought a house in Ipoh, gimme the address okay.

  8. You prepared the yee sang yourself? So diligent.Of course your boss likes the idea, who wouln't?

  9. That's very nice of you, I had 2-3 rounds of yee sang this year, hehe!

  10. Happy Chap Goh Mei Wenn

    Wonderful to low sang with your staffs. Everyone will be happy and closer relationship


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