Kuih Bakul

We won't miss kuih bakul every CNY. Previous years, I had my staff's mum who was ever willing to fry the kuih bakul for me. Since my staff had left the company, I hardly had the time or maybe just plain lazy to fry for myself. Mostly I would just give away. But this year is different. Why? Because my hubby already reminded me not to give away!

See, nine of them..

Ok, time to get rid of them one by one..
I cut the sweet potato and one of the kuih bakul.

Fried them..my hubby had two, my girl had one, I had one. 
Two for my Indian friend and the rest for my staff.

The next round will be this Sunday....

Happy Kuih Bakuling..


  1. hmmm, i didn't know this is called Kuih Bakul, haha, all i know is "Nian Gao" only, ooopsss!!

    yeah, don't give them away as they are auspicious symbols of prosperity and improvements.. probably that's why your boss didn't allow you to give them away?? hahaha..

    nice!! i love the kuih bakul sandwiched between yam and sweet potato and deep fried this way.. so yo only left two for your staff??

  2. Eh didnt know this is kuih bakul, hehe.. I always call this jao lin gou only..Nice, I also like them between yam and sweet potato, yummzzz..

  3. I passed my 2 kuih bakul to my mum since I am not frying them. No mood to fry them.

  4. Didn't know this is call kuih bakul, i only know it's called nian gao...

  5. Why did your hubby ask you not to give them away this year? Because of the luck or because he loves to eat it when deep fried?

    I like to eat the deep fried ones but not fry them myself because of the amount of oil needed and the issue of having to dispose the oil myself after that.

  6. Then I go to your place this Sunday! :) Love these fried homemade ones.. outside ones not so nice..

  7. I love nin kou! Just steam it is good enough!

  8. AM not very fond of nian gao but donno why this year sibuk wanna make nian gao. seems easy enough but actualy the wrapping part is very hard

    1. opps...sorry...suppose to type "Am" instead of AM

  9. I only knew that Kuih Bakul could be fried with potatoes and yam or dipped into grated coconut. Recently I say the blogger Yee Ling who made potato balls with them! So yummy and unusual.


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