Japanese meals (5 June 15)

First day in Japan.

We had buffet lunch. I took a variety of it..

Salmon not to be missed..

Udon quite satisfying..

I just took 2 pieces as I was not so keen.
Anyway, it tasted good.

We had barbeque for dinner.

We had beef, pork, chicken and sausages.
The pork was not really lean.
As for the beef, it tasted delicious without any peculiar smell.
Believe me, it was the first time I actually tasted beef.
Previously, I refused it as it had a kind of smell.

The meat must had been marinated well..

Satisfying meals.


  1. I love all the food in your post.. My favourite is always Japanese buffet, but now I can't eat a lot anymore, so no more go to buffets..

  2. your tour guide is sure a very considerate person.. first meal onboard and he/she chose to let you have buffet, you got to taste everything Japanese on the first day!! nice~~ :)

  3. Ohayo Gozaimas! You are back to Bolehland from the Land Of The Rising Sun. Hope you enjoyed the whole trip as a new eye opener compared to so many other countries you have visited. I still like Japan for many reasons besides the polite people and clean environment.

  4. I do love Japanese food but always avoid the raw dishes after seeing so many You Tubes of worms and maggots in human brains. LOL
    My last trip was like 7 days and I had ramen everyday with different broths.
    It is interesting to note that you ate beef for the first time. There are many beefs in our country now that has little or no smell nowadays.

  5. Enjoy yourself to the max in Japan! Delicious food!

  6. Just had japanese food here too....


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