Japanese meals (7 June 2015)

As usual, we had buffet breakfast at the hotel.

My western breakfast

As for lunch, we had a fulfilling one..

love this noodles

tempura is definitely my favorite

meat to pan-fry

small steam-boat

I love its smoothness
of chawanmushi

As for dinner, we had a buffet at the hotel.
Hokkaido crabs..I just had a piece of it.
Too salty for me..

Variety of food.

My dessert

Sushi which my girl had.

It was fun as we were needed to wear the yukata provided by the hotel.
Experiencing the Japanese culture was not to be missed.
(A yukata (浴衣) is a Japanese garment, a casual summer kimono usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric, and unlined. Yukata are worn by men and women.)


  1. What a sumptuous and nice Japanese meal !

  2. When I visited Japan with my family last time, the hotel also suggest us to wear their yukata, which is pretty fun ya!

  3. I like your lunch, and the smooth ice cream caught my attention.. After lots of buffet and meat and all, nice to have some silky smooth ice cream, sluurrppss...

  4. wow, sumptuous and scrumptious!!! I think you really had a lot of good food to eat throughout your Japan trip, that's a nice experience, they food all looks good to me!! so you were wearing the yukata, did you go to the public bath or onsen too?? :)

  5. I always try to book hotels in Japan with good breakfasts as it saves my time and money. They do not have many places with breakfasts before 9am unlike Malaysia.

    You had yummy food there. Thumbs Up!

  6. You look like a graceful and pretty Japanese lady!!!

  7. Lovely photo of you in the yukata. Too bad that the Hokkaido crab is too salty.

  8. You look lovely in the yukata Wenn :)


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