Japanese meals (6 June 2015)

We had buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

I still preferred western food for my breakfast.

For lunch, we had this unique Japanese food. 

Very satisfying..

We had barbecue again for dinner.

This time, it was not fun anymore. The heat from barbecuing was killing me..
My face was reddened and my chest was congested.
I quickly had some fresh air at the rest area.
In fact, I am not a barbecue person. I dislike it.

For this, I gave it a thumb down.


  1. I am also not a BBQ person like you. Can you choose to have other food?

  2. yummy.... i think I will have Japanese food tomorrow...

  3. Poor Wenn. You also kena barbecued !!!

    1. Oh dear... Hope you felt much better after the fresh air... Maybe too heaty for our body...

  4. I love all of the food. I also prefer Western for my breakfast buffet.

  5. Have to stay away from the heat a bit. I also don't like it, as if didn't have enough water later on, then may get sick...

  6. Your breakfast looks so pretty, with 4 compartments on the plate, very nice.. And very nice bento lunch..Oopps, barbecued face, haha.. Same here, don't like the heat from the bbq.. I prefer someone doing the job for me, and just serve me the food after that..

  7. you are certainly having very good food throughout your trip, it's like buffet almost everyday, if not then you have a good variety of food being served.. i like the first and the last photo, the food looks good.. :)


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