Previously, I was not so bothered about the Bersih rally. But this time, I was a little interested as my friends were involved too. So to play my part, I wore a yellow t-shirt to work yesterday. When my people saw me, they were surprised as I didn't tell them of my intention. I should have told them to wear yellow too. 

 Anyway, I was in the mood to create some Bersih situation. I caught hold of my customers who also wore yellow. I took their picures and posted at my shop's facebook. It's just to show support. 

This little boy was so happy to pose for me. 

Unfortunately, only a handful of my customers wore yellow. Hope to catch hold of more people wearing yellow tomorrow.

All for Bersih!


  1. Good for you! The rally in KL is doing well and the weather is also in support - no bright sunshine just the day for the outdoors. Have a lovely day ahead, Wenn.

  2. Your staff must have been surprised to see you. What about the boss?

  3. Haha. What a great effort from you. ;)

  4. I didn't participated as my sister and nephew are in town.
    Anyway, I was following closely with the news.
    Kudos to all of the people that were spending a night in Dataran Merdeka.

  5. i guess yellow is not a very common color most people will wear.. should have asked everyone to wear yellow over the weekend!! :)

  6. I just watched a video posted by SK showing the people who wore yellow and swept the whole street like a parade! So next bersih you can offer free brooms for the most creative customers! Muahahaha

  7. I spent the entire weekend catching up on news about Bersih,

  8. Ipoh quite a lot of people wearing yellow and bersih T-shirt leh. Bumped into quite a few of them :)

  9. I purposely let Aden and Toby wear yellow on Saturday, and myself also, hehe!


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