I didn't expect myself to land in Philippines during my recent holidays. (10 August - 12 August)
Lastly my girl told me before we flew to this awesome place. 

It took us 4 hours flight to reach the Kalibo International Airport. From there, we were transited to Caticlan Jetty.
It took us just about 10 minutes to reach the Boracay Island.

On the second day, we explored the white beach and its surroundings.

Simply love the beautiful shades of the blue sea

Finally, we got to the Willy Rock

I was waiting patiently for the sunset but it was a disappointment.

The next day, we had to travel back to the Kalibo airport and then back to Malaysia. By the time I reached home, it's already past midnight.

A great holiday!
Thanks to my girl for taking my boy and I to this lovely island.


  1. ever since our currency dropped, travelling to Philippines is not as cheap as it used to be few months ago.

  2. I thought AirAsia has a direct flight to Boracay ?

  3. Too bad you had a disappointing sunset! It looks like it would have been fabulous!

  4. Love this place, the beach is so nice leh.. Great holiday indeed..

  5. so that was a short trip but definitely a very pleasant surprise that you were only told the destination at the last minute!! sweet of your girl and the Borocay Island is beautiful..

  6. what a lovely view of the beach. Clean and blue.

    Lovely surprise by your grl. Hahaha....there will be more such trips in the future i guess :)

  7. So beautiful the beach. So sweet of your girl to bring you for a trip :)

  8. What a lucky mama! You had a WENNderful holiday with your kids. I salute the no ending holidays you enjoy.

  9. Many people have been telling me to visit Boracay for its calm and lovely beach. I was reluctant as it is far and just beaches alone might bore me.

  10. My sis also going Boracay end of the month. Same as TM, only beach alone might be boring for me, for me an ideal travel must have food, activities, some shopping and some sight seeing to take photographs, hee hee

  11. But the place looks nice, nice photos you have here

  12. Heard about this Boracay, looks beautiful! Wish to pay it a visit in the near future~

  13. What a nice beach! Good to see you enjoying yourself.

  14. Wenn, I read that that's one of the best beaches in the world and you have left your footprint there! Awesome!


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