My getaway

My schoolmates and I managed to plan a weekend getaway at Cameron. This will be our second trip together. The first trip was in Penang last year with only 10 of us. This time the number has tripled. There are 30 of us going for this well-planned trip. 

It's gonna be fun and we even planned a birthday celebration for three of our friends. There will lots of activities too. I'm bringing red wine over to Cameron. Hope we don't get too tipsy..

My next getaway comes right after the Cameron trip. My girl has planned a trip but I have no idea where we will be heading. Hopefully it will be somewhere that I love to visit.

So much for tonight..
Looking forward to my 5 days break!

Have a great weekend, my friends!


  1. Wow do enjoy your trip, this weekend is Jubilee Weekend in SG because of Singapore's 50th birthday

  2. Wow! That is a nice getaway. Have a great holiday.

  3. wow meeting up with 30 of your ex-schoolmates in Cameron Highlands, that must be great fun.. and then a surprise trip all planned by your girl and you are yet to know the destination, is she going to blindfold you until you are there?? haha.. anyway, enjoy your getaway :)

  4. I am sure you will have the best laughs and happy days meeting up with old friends again. They are so precious as friends are always understanding and good motivators. Forget about work and be a girl again laughing out loud!

    1. What a lucky mama going to a place for 5 days as a surprise! You will probably go to a new place. I guess it must be Bali.

  5. Changed background already, nice.. Oh good, it's always nice to have getaway with a group of friends.. Nice nice nice..

  6. Happy Holiday and have a great trip

  7. So nice that you are going for holidays one after another. Enjoy!

  8. Did you enjoy yourself in Cameron?


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