Teddy is back

Since Teddy was missing on the 11 Jan 16, I had been searching for him high and low. Finally I gave up and I thought he was lost forever.

But last Saturday, 30 Jan, my friend asked if the pictures she saw on facebook was Teddy. So I checked on the girl's facebook. True enough, it's Teddy and I went to check on a nearby vet clinic since she mentioned that she had sent the injured dog there.

The vet acknowledged that there was an injured crippled dog which was sent over by a girl. I told her to care for Teddy till my girl came back for Chinese New Year.

My concerned friend sent a private message to the girl and after some time, she called me after she had talked to my friend. She related her story that she pitied the dog as it was bleeding and she believed that it was a hit and run case.

Yesterday, my girl reached home and I urged her to look out for Teddy. And also to settle whatever payment that needed to be done.

After a short while, my girl with her sisters came to the shop and persuaded her dad to let her keep Teddy. Her dad disliked Teddy as he had bitten him before. Initially when I told him that I had found Teddy, he was not concern.

Her dad used to mention that he was kind to animals. But what about this case? Teddy has been with us for seven years. We couldn't simply ignore him though it was its own fault in escaping through the opened gate.

I was glad when he finally announced that Teddy is coming back.
From the vet's clinic..
to our home..

My girl was so happy..
Teddy too!


  1. Wow! This is the happiest reunion for the family to have teddy back! He must be very traumatized and scared to leave you again. You must have prayed very hard everyday and heavens would bless you for all your own kindness to everyone.

    Maybe you might want to put the chip on its collar so that it could be easily located in future. Wishing you and family a very blessed and Happy Chinese Year!

  2. I am so happy to hear that Teddy is home with all of you now. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  3. Oh sweet Teddy! I am glad he is home now!

  4. Wow, congrats ! That was a nice reunion !!

  5. OMG!! you found Teddy back home finally just before CNY!! I guess this must be the best thing to happen for the year.. finally Teddy can join you for the reunion!! I feel so happy for you and your girl.. :)

  6. That is really a good news for the Chinese New Year! Glad Teddy is back! Have a good, peaceful and blessed Chinese New Year 2016.

  7. Congrats on found Teddy back, guess it must be very excited to be home before cny, ya!

  8. It was very kind of the girl who sent the dog to the vet. I am sure you couldn't thank her enough to let you find Teddy back.

  9. Gosh! That is a very nice reunion with Teddy. Glad he is okay.


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