Breadmaker (1 April 2016)

I had always wanted to make bread but I was too lazy to knead it and so forth. One day, my friend told me to get a breadmaker as according to her, it would make my life easier.

So one day, I was browsing the Maybank Treatpoints site and I saw a breadmaker. Without hesitation, I redeemed it using the boss's credit card points.

Of course, I got his permission to do so..

Faxed in the form and in a week's time, I received the breadmaker..

It's Morphy Richards.(Recipes included)
If I had redeemed vouchers, I could have got RM400.

Anyway, no regrets..

My very first bread that I was actually struggling to get acquainted to the breadmaker.
Instead of high protein flour, I used the multi purpose flour.
Not very suitable though..

One day, my friend posted her making of a pandan loaf. I was so interested that I asked for her recipe.
I followed it and it came out beautifully. Only that I should have used more concentrated pandan juice.

Next, I remembered Merryn's post about her chocolate loaf. So I used her recipe and it came out great. I love it...

Now and then, I will bake a loaf and I will keep it in the fridge for my own consumption as breakfast or lunch.

Breadmaker makes my life easy. I bake my own bread which has no preservatives which is much healthier.


  1. If I made bread I would eat it all and be as big as a house! I love homemade bread! Enjoy!

  2. You baked a lot!! Yes. Homemade breads are the best. Love your breads. I am still thinking of getting a breadmaker. Hope to get one next year since I am running out of coupons as I redeem an oven lately.

  3. I saw all your bread and cakes in fb.. You bake everyday? Can finish so fast the bread?

  4. Nice to be baking your own bread. Are you the only one in your household eating the bread that you have baked?

  5. Wow! Your boss must have got one million points accumulated from his credit card!

    I have been tempted to buy bread maker but I have to eat the loaves alone.

  6. I guess baking the bread on your own is healthier than buying those outside, which can tahan for many days.

  7. Your very first bread looks like those selling outside =D

  8. So good you can redeem a breadmaker with the credit card points

  9. I thought of getting one too, a cheaper version so that even when I stop using, I wont feel heartbreak.. hahahaa

  10. Hi five! Haha. Once you've started baking your own bread, you'll never want to eat those commercial ones again *unless emergency lah*. Share share the pandan bread recipe?


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