Overnight Oats

I have seen my son preparing overnight oats and I never liked the idea of taking cold stuff in the morning. 

But last week, my youngest girl was on a week study leave. She prepared overnight oats for the three of us..her dad, me and herself.

His dad was ok with it..he liked it. As for me, I was forced to take it..
Oats with milk, juice from celery and cucumber.
With mangoes too.

Tasted good.

Oats with the same ingredients but added bananas.

Tasted good too.

Before she went back last Sunday, she had prepared some oats for me.
But just oats with the same ingredients.
No other stuff added.

So I cut some oranges and mixed in the overnight oats.

Tasted better since I like oranges.

This time, I added orange juice and threw in some raisins.

The best!

Lastly the final one, I just added my supplement powder into it.

Tasted awesome!

Glad, I don't need overnight oats anymore.

I prefer breads.....

 Have a healthy week, everyone!


  1. Lol! it is to show that you need to acquire the taste of oats. My hubby also do not like oats, so having hard time convincing him to take. Sigh!

  2. I have wanted to try do overnight oat when there's a period it's quite popular, but was lazy to do it...

  3. Seems like you still do not like to eat the cold overnight oats in the morning. This is not an issue because you can eat instant oats with warm milk in the morning and it is just as good as overnight oats.

  4. Overnight oats are good and so versatile! I like the cold in the hot summer months!

  5. wahhhh.. very healthy.. saw TM also trying out overnight oats.. so far, I have not, though I like to drink them in more dilute state...

  6. I havent try overnight oats yet but I do eat cold oats in the evenings. I make it in the morning and consume in the evenings. Dunno same or not.

  7. You can start selling overnight oats and cakes in your shop. They are so common in KL now and good money.


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