Happy Teacher's Day

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Since today is teacher's day, I like to dedicate this few lines to all teachers.

 May all of you keep the light from the candle burning.
You are like a candle burning itself for the sake of others.
Well done and keep it up.

As for me, I was a teacher but I had given up teaching since March 2008. It was when my hubby needed me most. His partner had resigned and I had to fill up the vacancy.

But I still miss my teaching life. I had always wanted to be a graduate since I finished studying at the trainee teachers college. I did my STPM several times but I was not eligible to secure a place in a university.

Therefore, I got married and I was gaining experiences through teacher. After a couple of years, I was entitled to pursue my first degree in 1999.
I was graduated in 2002

I had been teaching the primary schools before I did my first degree. After graduating, I was posted to a secondary boys school where I taught English and became a class teacher too. This was my very first boys class. They were only in Form 2.

I just served 5 years in this school. I got my transfer back to Ipoh but I was only there for half a year.

I love being a teacher but circumstances had changed it.

Here's wishing ALL TEACHERS......

A Very Happy Teacher's Day!

Have fun and God Bless.....


  1. Happy Teacher's Day to all awesome and dedicated teachers (including yourself too).

    You sacrifice for the family, Wenn. I salute you.

  2. Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers...

  3. Here's wishing all teachers (current and previous) A very happy Teachers' day!

  4. Teaching is a very noble profession.
    Time has changed and kids are different, so you are lucky to help your hubby instead.

  5. maybe some day you can go back to teaching!

  6. Happy Teacher's Day to you, Wenn ...

  7. I overlooked Teacher's Day this year so we will go shopping this weekend to get something and give a belated gifts to my son's teacher next week :(


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