Day 3 Macau - Zhuhai - Panyu


Before the Portuguese settlement in the early 16th century, Macau was known as Haojing (Oyster Mirror) or Jinghai (Mirror Sea). The name Macau is thought to be derived from the A-Ma Temple (traditional Chinese: 媽閣廟; Jyutping: Maa Gok Miu), a temple built in 1448 dedicated to Matsu — the goddess of seafarers and fishermen.

A-ma Temple

the statue of Kum Lam

the Lotus Square

Fishermen's Wharf

The Sand Casino


Zhuhai became a city in 1979, a year before it was named as one of the first Special Economic Zones (SEZ). The neighboring city of Shenzhen became the first Special Economy Zone in 1978.

Lover Road

statue of the Lady of Pearl

Shijingshan Park


Established in the Qin Dynasty in 214 BC, Panyu is one of the oldest cities in China.

Lotus Hill

Kwan Yin

Chime Long International Circus


  1. yay! I am the first commenter. Good morning Wenn. :)

  2. You have gone to so many places. :) I have read about the statue of pearl before.

    Shijingshan park is really gorgeous. The place look to be filled with so much feng shui huh! :D

  3. Great pictures how nice seeing places from a click away. Thanks

  4. This is such an enjoyable journey, Wenn.

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  5. wow the statues are so nice... there is a story behind them right? :D

  6. hi wenn.. r u still in HK or back here in IPOH..
    is it cold at this time yet? i went in middle of dec.. quite chilling at certain places.. but i love it.. cooling weather..

  7. nice nice vice!

    How much the trip cost u ar???

  8. Nice pictures. I specially like the lover park and shijiangshan park.

  9. the last guanyin pic is nice, the sunlight behind enhance th statue^^

  10. Shijingshan Park look so mystical.

  11. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us Wenn.

  12. wow...very nice pics!! Thanks for sharing.

  13. What lovely photos! So many interesting sites.

  14. did you make a killing at SANDS? hehe

  15. Wonderful pictures, Wenn.
    Thanks for sharing with us this fabulous trip!

  16. Feel like I'm on a trip with you :-)
    Fantastic photos!

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