Macau - review

We went sightseeing in Macau 5 days ago. Firstly, it's the Ah-Ma Temple. It was pretty crowded as the routes were so narrow and steep.

the entrance

the history

the view from the top

Next, we visited the Sands casino. I just had a look inside the casino so no jackpot..

Then, we crossed over to the other side of the road and visited the Fisherman's Wharf.

The Fisherman's Wharf ( 澳門漁人碼頭) is the first theme park in Macau. It is located near the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Pier. The construction took 5 years and the opening trial operation began on December 31, 2005. It was officially opened on December 31, 2006.

The complex includes over 150 stores and restaurants in buildings built in the style of different world seaports such as Cape Town, Amsterdam and Venice, six rides, a slots hall, a 72-room hotel, and a casino.

the map

the lane

Babylon casino

one of the buildings

Lastly, we visited the ruins of St Paul.

The Ruins of St. Paul's (大三巴牌坊) refer to the façade of what was originally the Cathedral of St. Paul, a 17th century Portuguese cathedral in Macau dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle.

Built from 1582 to 1602 by the Jesuits, the cathedral was the largest Catholic church in Asia at the time, and the royalty of Europe vied with each other to bestow upon the cathedral the best gifts. With the decline in importance of Macau, which was overtaken as the main port for the Pearl River Delta by Hong Kong, the cathedral's fortunes similarly ebbed, and it was destroyed by a fire during a typhoon in 1835. The Fortaleza do Monte overlooks the ruin.

It was indeed a fascinating visit.


  1. Oh ruins of St Paul, trademark of Macau. Lots of history connected here. Thanks ക

  2. What a colorful, exciting trip you took. Everything is grand, and the history is interesting. What a wonderful memory you must have!

  3. The ruins of St Paul reminds me of Hong Kong movie The Bund and romance.

  4. Very nice trip you took there. Gorgeous photos.

  5. The Fisherman was quite deserted when I was there a few yrs ago..but i guess everyone was making a killing inside.....hahaha

  6. wow, you traveled a lot, thanks for sharing. Have a nice day.

  7. Nice photos. Never been there yet, Lee.

  8. Hiw i wish i can travel like u:)

  9. What a pleasurable journey you have given us, Wenn!

    Thank you for teaching us the meaning behind "Macau."

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  10. A-ma temple. A good piece of history. many interesting places you have visited huh. :D

  11. The ruins of St Paul only left the front portion, heard it was burnt down a few times...

  12. Time has changed so many casinos now. Long time did'nt go Macau. Thanks.

  13. You had a very exciting trip. Macau is a nice place to visit. I've never been to Macau and HK before.

  14. What a lovely ruin, thank you, Wenn.

  15. I'd like to visit all these wonderful towns and places.
    Thanks for sharing your trip with these very nice pictures and explanations, Wenn!

  16. Beautiful architecture buildings, and the curly roof tops are marvelous.

  17. i just love the ruins of St Paul..

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