We stayed in 4 hotels during our holidays last week.

Good - Panda Hotel in Kowlooon, Hong Kong; 1st night and 5th night.

Just Good - Grandview Hotel in Macau: 2nd night

Better - White Palace Hotel in Panyu: 3rd night

Best - Century Plaza in Shenzhen: 4th night


  1. The trip must have cost you a fortune!

  2. That's a lot of checking-in and checking-out!

    The Panda hotel sure looks unique!

  3. Wenn, That is an amazing trip, amazing pics as well.
    I'm glad for you for having such a lovely time.
    BTW. I passed the awards on to you because i love your blog and i'm so thankful for your visits and comments on my blog but believe me i'd love if you 'd added your blog to my friend' list as i consider you to be one of my loyal blog friends.
    Have a great day.
    lots of love
    hugs hugs

  4. You took some fantastic shots! Have fun.

  5. What splendid hotels!
    Beautiful pictures!
    Enjoy your trip!

  6. beautiful pictures Wenn, glad you had a nice trip.

  7. I would be so delighted to stay in any one of these hotels. So beautiful and I can only imagine how nice the rooms were. I would sit in the lobby for hours and enjoy it.

  8. I worked for a hotel in the last three years. It gave me a better insight of what hospitality is all about.

    Lobbies are usually the best part of a hotel. Mirrors are important features. They make you smile and feel happy.

  9. Not the biggest fan of Hong Kong, maybe it's the food, not too my liking... :-P

  10. That's one pretty short and concise review wenn. :p

    But I love Panda Hotel for its display. The huge panda. :D

  11. I like that huge panda on the hotel building! Cos I'm a panda myself. Haha!

  12. Thanks for the brief review. Will take note of it if I go there! : )

  13. nice to be able to spend the nights at the nice hotels..

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