Good Samaritan

When we reached the Dream Mall, we immediately proceeded to look for Sony. It was a sheer luck as this Sony section was just near the entrance.

Quickly we looked out for a salesperson. We approached this particular guy. He seemed very concerned and kind when he learned of our misfortune.

He immediately got hold of a new Sony camera charger and opened it to see if it fitted my battery. Gosh! It fitted.

As we were only allowed a mere 35 minutes at this mall, I had to make do.

So while waiting for my battery to be charged, we went window-shopping. When the time came, we went to collect my battery and expected him to say a price.

Surprisingly, he said, "It's free! No problem". I felt that my world was saved and this good samaritan had made my utmost mission accomplished.

Thanking him, we quickly got out of the mall as our bus would be waiting for us anytime.

Regrettably, I did not even ask for his name. Well, should he ever come across this post, I would like to say a very warm 'Thank You' to him again.

Well, what was the cause for this concern of mine???

See if you can guess it correctly!


  1. Ah, there are still kind souls in this world...

  2. No beautiful pictures of beautiful places!

  3. Well...there is still a few good people in this evil, wicked world huh! :D

  4. It's good to know there are nice people around. :)

  5. He allowed you to take his pic?

    Errmmm...concern.....because can't take pictures with the low battery???

  6. Didn't or forgot to bring camera charger along to Taiwan? anyway, it's good to see kind people around. I wished Malaysians can follow that!

  7. Wai Keong, u got it! When I changed the luggage, I forgot to transfer my camera charger to the other luggage. Couldn't get a new charger at the airport. Also members of the group had different kind of camera. I was left with minimal battery and luckily i brought the spare charger to be charged by this good guy. It was a blessing. Otherwise my pictures of Taiwan just stopped there!

  8. That's wat we call good service. Luckily u managed to charge the batt, otherwise it's so sad to come back from a vacation w/o pics for keeps.

  9. Very nice of him huh. Lucky you :D.

  10. thank god 4 good samaritans. sadly, thr's only a few of em left in this world. they're now an endangered species...


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