Danone Dumex

Last night, both my husband and I attended a dinner organized by Danone Dumex.

The invitation card was nice..
It had a picture of a cute little boy..

The agenda was written in both languages..
Great! Otherwise, we were not sure of them..

Here's our door gift - Demba (2 bottles)

Mamil Gold (2 cans)

Evian (1 bottle)

Isn't it lovely? I mean the bottle..

Here's the stage..It was beautifully done!

Here's our MC from 8TV..
He's a fun and a cheerful guy who kept us entertained..

The ceremony started with a lion dance..
After which both the sales director and the managing director
were given the honour to officiate the ceremony.

A beautiful song from the Perak salesperson and the sales manager..

Attractive sales packages whereby
the order number were kept for lucky draw
but our numbers didn't show up..

2009 awards giveaway..

The award
for achieving double digit growth for Mamil Gold in 2009.

One of the entertainment..
Ang pows were given to all participants..
It was a very happy occasion..

The dinner by Tai Thong..

The menu..it was not too bad..

Here's a short clip of the lion dance..


  1. Dumex is owned by Danone? :p Wow...so many events happening.

    I love the lion dance clip.

  2. Wow, what nice gifts you received. I think the Evian bottle is very pretty indeed!

  3. errrr....where r the food pics? ahhahahaa

  4. Sorry, I didn't take a complete set of the food as I was too absorbed in the entertainment and quizzes. Furthermore, the food was normal.

  5. u one of the staff of Danone Dumex???
    or ur hubby.

  6. my husband is one of the retailers of the milk powder.

  7. wow.. so nice gifts.. great dinner and performance too.. so your husband is a retailer for milk powder.. oh, btw, just wanna tell you i bought the organic oatmilk on saturday.. but i havent tried it yet.. hope i can drink that :(

  8. The stage looks too small for the lion dance.. lol..

  9. Danone is doing well by the look of it...all my siblings grew up well because of Dumex....smile..

  10. What a nice door gift! The event was so professionally organized.

  11. the aggressive lion dance was actually performed on the floor.

  12. Your husband won the award? Great event and nice door gifts.

  13. Wow, very generous door gifts. Is that your husband receiving the award? If yes, congratulations!

  14. That man in the picture is NOT my husband. Anyway, he got an award plus an ang pow too.

  15. d door gifts... i wan them!! XD

  16. Wah...nice event with generous door gift ^^

  17. The menu ended with Sweet Fancy Duet performance? :)

  18. Ur hubby work with Danone? Nice gifts.

  19. Very lively Lion dance! Very nice event with lots of goodies!^-^

    Have a pleasant day ahead!

  20. My husband doesn't work with Danone. He just gets his supplies of Dumex products from the salesperson.


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