St Basils Cathedral

WOC, Taipei

8. St Basils Cathedral

'a fairy tale depicted in stone'

next..9. Washington Monument


  1. Yeah! I know this Cathedral! Nope...I mean I know it is a building very famous in Russia. But I don't have any idea that it is a cathedral! :(

  2. Imagine having to be a maid, and clean the cathedral like that.

    I hope you get a good maid when you get old.

    In New Zealand, no such luxury. Just pray I will be healthy and mobile. When the water works and the computer work goes, I want to go also.

  3. A miniature world, I have to shrink myself..

  4. LOL @ Ann's comment!

    It's a beautiful cathedral!

  5. Nice replica..wish I'll be there one day..need to plan and save a lot of money to visit all place in my wish list hehehe..

  6. One day you should go to see the 'real' thing...

  7. Wow.....fantasy!! Hope they get magic housekeeping staff like the fairy god mothers of Sleeping Beauty....

  8. yeah, how I wish I could see the real one...


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