Thanks, CHVoon

When I came back from work this evening, I was indeed surprised to receive two lovely postcards from CHVoon.

Istanbul - The Hagia Sophia Museum

View of Ruwi towards Sheraton Hotel - Sultanate of Oman

Yes, Happy Blogging!

Thank you, CHVoon!


  1. :D I got one too and I've blogged bout it too :P

    Thank you Voon :)

  2. Me too no need to blog just *tumpang* here haha..mine is picture of 'Riyam Near Muscat City'. tQ CH Voon.

  3. so nice of voon.. i wonder i got or not.. hahahhaa..

  4. Wenn, you are welcome.

    p/s: Reanaclaire - er... sorry i dont have u mail address so... next time.

  5. That's so kind of CH Voon! Wonder when will be my turn, LOL!

    Happy weekend to you!


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