ETS Experience

Last Thursday, ETS was already waiting for us. It left punctually at 2pm. It was my first ride on it. Thrilling yet cool..

I love to look at the greenery. Look at those banana plants! Awesome..

I was sitting right in front. Plenty of space for my luggage. And such a near view of the screen. But 'Tom & Jerry". Enjoyable too anyway..

Short stop at Batu Gajah station..

Here I admire the sky..


Then, KL..Those were the days when I used to take trains to KL.

Finally, KL Central! My very first time here! Gonna explore it..


  1. I still haven't got a chance to ride ETS...

  2. You should try it at least once. Soon it will be RM50 instead of RM30.

  3. Tom and Jerry? Haha :D I am watching it right now.

  4. Hey really thanks for this piece of information, now i must check KTM web about ETS, they do ply Ipoh to Jb as well, cool.....?

  5. Wonderful ride!

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral



  6. Is it easy to buy a ticket or must buy many days in advance before the trip?

  7. Hi,

    I only used train ince and it was in 1998. Hahaha...used train to go to BAngkok from KL.

  8. yes, now very easy and convenient .. can go down KL one day trip

  9. I haven't had a chance to ride on the Malaysian train yet .

  10. U can book in advance. I book both trips fr Ipoh Central itself.

  11. But it's only fr Seremban to Ipoh and vice versa. JB and Pg not yet.

  12. i'm at KL Sentral everyday.. changing KTM to LRT~~ :)

  13. Smooth ride, not like the old Keretapi! LOL!


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