Good Old Days

I will be meeting my friend, AB today..

The last time, she took me to KFC. Wonder where she will take me this time. Anyway, the most important thing is that I got to see her again after several years of MIA.

I could still remember the good old days when we used to stick together and enjoyed our school days. We had so much fun then. She is a wonderful friend and she likes to laugh..


  1. Several years MIA?? That's a long time! Hope you have a happy reunion again!

  2. hmm...nice to meet friend who are ngum key

  3. sure you'd have a great time catching up with her and cherish all the happy memories :)

  4. Always feel good to meet up with old mates..

  5. Agreed! Meeting with old kakis is really a good feeling! :D

  6. I hope you have fun visiting Singapore!


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