KL Central

When I reached KL Central, I just walked out from the station
and I had a good look at the surroundings.

That's the exit.

An awesome view of the ceiling.

A view before I stepped down the stairs.

The Food Plaza is there. But I didn't go and have a look.

One of the shops..The Cocoa Trees.

I waited near the exit and I could see the LRT.

Got a ticket to Jalan Universiti LRT station.

That's the RapidKL.

Took the LRT.

View from inside the LRT.
The TMnet building..looks like a shark's fin :)

What is this building?


In a short while, I reached my destination.


  1. I missed KL sentral. Used to be here often during my university days. :)

  2. hahaha, TM Building looks like shark fin to you?? hahaha~~ :D

  3. Some people say the TM building look like a sharp blade.

  4. Good experience! It has been sometimes that I don't get to visit this place!^-^


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