Simple breakfast

I don't usually take breakfast. But this morning I did. Just fried the slice of bread with a beaten egg. Then spread honey on it. Yummy!

As for my boy, I just fried the pieces of fried chicken with an egg. Scrumptious!
Happy Morning to everyone!


  1. Good morning, wenn

    Your boy have simple taste ya :). Not choosy

  2. Good Morning!!!

    Why don't take breakfast usually? Breakfast is the most important of the day, you have at least a simple breakfast in future!!! =]

  3. Simple and instant breakfast :)

    BTW, don't skip breakfast ever. Breakfast is vital for our body to keep the day going...

  4. Anything is good as long as cooked by mom!!

  5. hmmm, not taking breakfast is not healthy.. i hope you will be taking breakfast everyday, and hope you boy doesn't take up your habit too since he is growing now..

  6. cook more for your boy to eat.. just the chicken and egg enough for him?? and i agree with Small Kucing, simple taste and not choosy, good!!!

  7. Good day wenn!

    Breakfast is the most important meal of a day, so I make sure I have my breakfast every single day. You should too!

  8. Hello Wenn,

    What time do you eat your first meal of the day if you do not eat breakfast?

    Egg and Chicken meat - a high protein breakfast for your son - good for him to build muscle with a high protein meal.

  9. When I see fried chicken + your boy, then only I remember his gain-weight plan you mentioned before. So how's his weight now? Gain any?

  10. No wonder you so slim. Breakfast is the most important meal for me. :)

  11. I always thought you ate breakfasts daily! I am now wondering how you had so much energy without breakfast. Truly a WENNder Woman!

  12. do not skip breakfast. It is an important meal to start your day.


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