Do you like to receive flowers? I love to receive them but it's always sad to see them wither away. Let me see: I received...

- 12 pink roses during my college time from an anonymous but I guess I knew who was that.

- a bouquet of roses for my wedding.

- a bouquet of flowers from my family during my graduation in 2002

- my first bouquet of flowers from my husband on Valentine's day in 2009.

- a bouquet of flowers when I reached home from my recent trip to UK.

on Valentine's Day 2014

Anyway, I still love receiving flowers!


  1. Hmm. I didnt count how many times I received flowers...maybe 5 times? Long time didnt receive any from my darling. Lol

  2. hahaha, no for me definitely, i prefer to receive CASH than flowers!! haha.. so sweet of your boss to gave your a bouquet of flower yesterday, surprise?? :p

  3. my whole life, I think I only hold bouquet of flowers twice (once on my registration of marriage and one during my wedding day ) . Sad hubby never believe in such flowers thing. My parents too think that flowers are such a waste of money because they wither.

  4. Good afternoon wenn!

    Wah, you have very good memory! Still can remember when and how many flowers you received =)

    1. Well, I guess every woman loves to receive flowers la!

      Me too, but now, I'd prefer to receive something more useful and practical, kekeke~

  5. I agree with Hayley, every lady loves to receive flowers, hehe....

  6. I also love but like you, I am sad to see them wither away...

  7. I love to receive flowers, I can count how many times I received until now, total of four times, first time I received the flowers delivered to my office from my admirer, second time from a pursuer, third time from my then boyfriend and the fourth time from my darling girlfriend.

  8. *Fourth time from my girlfriend, who is my best friend.

  9. Wow, you must be really happy to receive the flowers yesterday! Nice!

  10. I only received flowers once in my life time which is during my graduation day, my bff bought me a small bouquet, coz she knows that I want one so bad, hehe!!! =]

  11. I always received some flowers on Mother's Day. :)

  12. Yes guess everyone will love to receive flower :)

  13. Hope I'm not too late.. I believe all (girls) like receiving flowers.. But my hubby never once bought and send to office *sob sob*..

  14. LOL... You could remember all the flowers you received.
    I do buy them very often but not for my wife. I place them in vases for the altars at home.

  15. Woww, the Anonymous who sent you the flower must be your secret admirer.

    I love receiving flowers. The last I got it was during my birthday few years ago.
    Perhaps I shld remind my hubby again to do it again, haha.


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