Relaxing day

This morning a friend came very early in the morning at 9am. Actually he wanted to come earlier at 8am but I told him I needed time to get ready.

 He brought me some foodstuff from Kuching.

Next came my staff after my friend had left at about 10.30am.
He brought a gift for his boss.
I told him to 'GongXi GongXi'
He's so cute!

Oh, his gift is so special! The boss surely loves it. 
At that time, the boss had already gone out.

Next we went for our lunch and we met my husband's friends. 
So they were invited to join us for lunch.

We had yee sang. My second time of lou sang this year.

For dinner, I cooked:
So tonight I relax and tomorrow is back to square one...

Happy Working!


  1. Hello Wenn,

    I love to eat the fried prawns you cooked for dinner. Looks so delicious!

    What is the special gift? Is it a wine/whisky bottle?

  2. Wow, your CNY sounds so happening and eventful everyday!

  3. I did fried prawns the other day too, but mine not that nice...

  4. That deep fried prawns look tempting to me.

    Nice dinner.

  5. Yes, your staff is indeed cute.. always smiling.. .:)

  6. oh, i love those presents your friends brought over, especially that glass deco from Lim (did i get his name right??)..

  7. so shop is open today and you are back to work?? hmmm, i wonder if you would start to be busy again?? errr, first day open business, sure got lots of things and rituals to do?? share with us :)

  8. Lim indeed is a cute person. Remember that day when I was at your shop. I met him...hehehe

  9. Happy working! I started work on Monday (Feb 3) already...

  10. Wow, that gift is so unique, I love that too, so elegant!!! =]

  11. That gift is really special! What is it exactly?

  12. Gong Hei Fatt Choy.. Am back to work today after 1 week of hibernation, keke..
    Oohh, I love to see all your home cooked dishes.. They look wholesome, healthy and yummy..
    Very "colourful" too, and balanced meal :)

  13. Relaxing? Hmmm looks like full of activities wor :)

    Gong Hei Fatt Choy and San Lin Fai Lok to you and your family

  14. I just started working last Friday. The long break made me lazy until I had no time to read blogs.


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