Visiting time

Second day of the Lunar Year is always our visiting time. We would drive to Taiping to have a day of visitation.

Yesterday morning, I had prepared our breakfast.
simple noodles with minced meat, bean sprouts, fish cakes and lettuce.

When we reached Taiping, we met my mum, siblings 
and their families at a restaurant.
We started with Yee Sang. Then we had Poon Choy.

When we were done with our lunch, I hurried to meet my friends at Sentosa Villa.
Just to say Hello as I had to visit my relatives.

Went to my husband's eldest sister's home. Our nieces and nephew are so cute!
Visited another sister of his and then his godmother.

Our last visitation place was my aunt's. I had to picture her with me as
I had promised to take a picture with her every year.

My husband's lucky day! He bumped into his old schoolmate!

Before we headed home, we went to my mum's place. 
It was filled with visitors who happened to be my uncle and aunt's big families.
Such happy atmospher!

We didn't manage to visit all our relatives as we didn't have much time. 
When we reached Ipoh, we went to Tandoor Grill for our late dinner.


  1. That must be hectic. I usually go visiting to few houses the most 3 houses. Cannot stand driving and visiting for whole day. Haha. But the feeling of seeing everyone on cny is great. I love reunion.

    1. 2nd day is also my visitation day when I was young. 1st day stayed at home waiting for relatives and friends.

  2. Normally on the first day, we will go to my Uncle house, where we have a gathering, so no need to visit everyone of my uncles and aunties...

  3. Really a fruitful and a foodfull trip, Wenn!!

  4. ah, it's nice visiting friends and relatives especially during CNY, because i can feel that the atmosphere is even merrier than usual days if you drop by for a visit.. nice poon choy and yee sang you had..

  5. i like your cheong sam, you looked good on that.. your husband must have been nose-bleeding, haha!! :D

  6. Good evening wenn!

    Yea nice cheong sam you have! I have one but hardly put it on :p

    1. I had phoon choy too last night, but not a very satisfied one......

  7. Hello Wenn,

    You look so nice in your new year qipao. Your friends and relatives must be very happy to see all of you visiting them.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  8. I like your cheong sam, you looks so elegant in it!!! =]

  9. This year I ate the most Poon Choy and Yee Sang until I surrender. They are really delicious food and made me fatter!

    The boss and small kids photo is very loving and nice!


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