Today a few friends visited me at my place. A few more were supposed to come but they couldn't make it.

These two friends were my customers but they have become my good friends. They used to visit me at Chang Jiang and today they visited me. They came late but better late than never. They brought me some curry puffs. Thank you very much.

This family has also become my friends. They are my regular customers and they are very supportive of Chang Jiang's facebook activities. The mum brought me a box of agar-agar. Thank you very much.


  1. oh how nice you have friends visiting you today.. i am sure you had a great time chit-chatting and spending a good afternoon with them :)

  2. Hello Wenn,

    Good to have friends visiting and of course it is better late than never. Hope you all have a good time chatting and eating.

  3. It's always good to hear normal regular customers have become good friends :)

  4. How time flies, today is the 11th day of CNY liao....

  5. They're so sweet, nice one!!! =]

  6. I must visit your house someday! I am sure the Feng shui is so good that friends keep coming like bees and flower story! Of course you have been kind and generous to everyone which is the ultimate reasons to your popularity.

  7. Replies
    1. Can see you treasure friendship a lot, so as your friends =)


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