Friday, May 31, 2013


Fascinating Agrodome world famous stageshow featuring sheepdog demonstration, cow milking and an introduction to the stars of our sheep industry.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


A day to discover Arrowtown which is a vibrant historic gold mining town established in 1862.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Lake Tekapo

 Amazing bronze 'Sheep Dog memorial Statue'

The lovely glacial lake Tekapo which reflects the beauty of the surrounding mountain.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hello Christchurch!

My holidays begin in Christchurch (the garden city). This city is also called 'The Most English City outside England.'

Friday, May 24, 2013


Another one of my staff is leaving. She has handed in her resignation letter about two weeks ago. She is resigning on the 10 June but she has her annual leaves to cover up the days in June. So she will only be with us till the end of this month. But considering that I won't be around when she leaves, I decided to give her a personal farewell. 

I bought a cake only for her.

A set of KFCs for all of us.

5 Spicy fried chicken -
for the boss, 2 sales promoters and 2 staff

5 Zinger burgers -
for the resigning staff, cashier and 3 part-timed workers

2 Colonel Burgers -
for the cashier and the boss

Mashed potatoes - specially for the boss

All well distributed. A staff and I have none as we didn't want.

Farewell, Lan!
All the best to your future undertakings!


Yeah, I will be somewhere soon but I still haven't packed my luggage. Will do it soon after my sleep. 

By the way, I just exchanged some cash from the money changer. I always need some cash and most importantly my credit card. This time, I will be using my own credit card.

It will be winter. Great as I can stay away from the heat here for a while.

Ok, all of you take care!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Take a break

I usually cook in the morning, take my lunch and then straight to work. I make sure that I reach my workplace before 12pm. That's when my cashier needs a lunch break. 

Well, I cook simple dishes. My boy always asks me, "Ma, tomorrow eat what?"
I always reply, "Fish lo..your favorite!" 

But I need vegetables, my favorite. I could just eat most of the vegetables and leave the whole piece of fish for my boy and girl. 

8 May 13

10 May 13

14 may 13

21 May 13

22 May 13

My boy would say, "Ma, why only two dishes? Cook more la."
I would reply, "Oh, then why don't you cook for me?"

If he needs to stay back after school, he would say, "Ma, tomorrow don't cook for me ah."
I would say, "Great! Tomorrow I can simply cook without fish!"

By the way, I need to take a break from cooking, working and blogging too..

And here's announcing my top regulars for this month. As usual, make sure you don't miss commenting even on a single post. So leave your footprints on every post. Thank you for your support.

Small Kucing, SK, Twilight Man, Somewhere in Singapore, Mecoy and Mun. 
I won't be sending gifts yet. Will send together after next month.

Visit Educator and have a look at my best English lecturer.

Take care and hope to see all of you soon.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Teacher's day gifts

Teacher's Day is over but yesterday was the last day that I handed the last gift to my customer who is a teacher.

Teacher's Day Contest was carried out whereby participants were needed to nominate their teachers. Only 3 students norminated their teachers and thus they collected the gifts for their teachers. A student actually brought along his teacher to collect the gift. Then there were two bloggers who were being nominated too. I had sent to them. Just a small gesture to wish them happy Teacher's Day.

On the 16 May itself, I was hoping for teachers to come to my shop so that I could give them the gift. My girl's teacher came and I was glad to give her the gift. She was so surprised. 

Last but not least, yesterday a teacher was shopping at my shop and I presented her with the last gift. She was overjoyed and at the same time, I invited her to visit Chang Jiang so as to join in the Father's day Contest.

It's fun to participate in a contest. I would be overjoyed too if  I could  participate in any contest. At Educator, I participated in the Merdeka Day parade.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Few days ago, my girl told me that she saw a rat running across the living room. The next day she saw it running across the kitchen. I told her that I would bring back the sticky glue cardboard but I kept on forgetting. 

So yesterday morning, I was at the kitchen and I could smell something bad. I looked down the table and I saw them!
Actually I placed that sticky cardboard long ago to trap lizards but here I trapped two rats!
Of course, I had to clear them away.

Next, I saw this box of gift in the rack in my dining room.
I decided to make it as a Father's Day winning prize at
Chang Jiang facebook.

That reminded me to order two packets of Fitline Herbalslim tea from KL.
I just had to fax my order and my credit card authorization form.

Next, after my lunch, I quickly rushed to the post office.
I had to send a gift to someone as soon as possible.

When I was near the Post Office, I took some pictures of the surroundings.

Formerly it was a garden. 
Now it's a vast garden supposedly to be a musical fountain area.

The railway station: just a stone's throw away.

It was a sunny afternoon and I love the sky.
Quickly done my chore at the post office and
reached my shop just after 12.10pm.
My new cashier was waiting for me to be there before she could 
go back for lunch.

Check out Educator and view my batik baju kurung.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day Spaghetti

Yesterday, I decided to cook spaghetti for my husband, boy and girl. Very simple one actually..

ingredients: fried fish cake, lettuce, fried onions, omelette, pasta sauce with minced meat and spaghetti

ready four portions

distributed the sauce evenly

Then I sent the container of spaghetti over to my husband.
He's working but I took the day off.
No comment but since everyone finished it without any leftovers, I presume it's ok :)

I was looking over at my photo album and I found this.
I was there with some of my school mates. It's a priceless photo.
At that time, I was working in PJ.
Such sweet memories.
Thus I posted at my school's (alma mater) facebook.

I also collected some pictures for my Educator blog. :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Educator Blog

Since I'm not a teacher anymore, I want to remember those days when I was one. So I have started a new blog ie.wenn-educator

This particular blog will tell about my life before and during my teaching life.

By the way, I came across these photos of my girls. They wore my robe and mortar board meant for my graduation in 2002.

 my girl in UK

 my girl in Perth and my mum

Friday, May 17, 2013

Love from Perth

It was a sweet surprise yesterday when I reached my desk. There I could see a postcard. It's from my girl in Australia. So sweet of her! Next to the postcard, I saw a letter for me. It's from Mun. I opened it up immediately and there I saw two amazing face mask from Bali in the form of fridge magnet.

postcard from Perth

Bali fridge magnets

sweet notes from my girl

I placed them on my fridge door

Thank you my girl..
Thank you Mun! 
It was a pleasant surprise from you!

My most memorable day

It was in 1999 when I was accepted to do my degree in TESL. My first year was in Maktab Perguruan Kinta, Ipoh. My major was TESL (Teaching English as Second Language) but we had no choice but to take BM as our minor. My other friends in other colleges had the choice. They could choose Music, Seni or PJ. I would surely choose Music. 

Well, in my first year, we had BM presentation for our minor. Frankly speaking, I was so used to speak and write in English that I found it difficult to deliver in BM.

All of us were required to hold a post. I was given the post as a VIP to officiate a ceremony. As you know, VIP has to deliver speeches. In my role, I had to deliver a speech. I had the help from my Malay course mate. He actually wrote for me the whole speech. I just had to memorize it and deliver it as cool as possible.

My course mate thought it would add some twist if he introduced me as Datin Abdullah. My lecturer was surprised as he thought that I had embraced Islam. When he asked me about it, I told him that we did it just for fun. He was not happy. We had to apologize. Since that day, he always remembered my name.

He told us that we shouldn't discriminate ourselves. Just be ourselves. I really respected him and since that day, I learned to be myself and didn't try to be someone else.

Thank you, Encik A and Happy Teacher's Day! He must have retired. I missed the time when he taught us BM. He was a good lecturer.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shoplifting unsuccessful


This man took the advantage to shoplift when he knew that the boss was not in. He was taking down those padlocks and put them into the plastic bag. He was waiting for the right time to get out but he was stuck. He went out several times to check the situation but unfortunately the boss came back.

The boss was suspicious of that man and was eying him. That guy must had felt it and he quickly left without taking those stuff away. His mission failed!

Look at what he had intended to steal..

4 types of padlocks

How much would that be?

Precious stones

Last Saturday, I was curious as I saw so many people surrounded a man. They were about 6 shops away. So I just walked over to have a look. My husband was there too. He showed me the orange stone that he bought. 

So I asked: 'What  is it for?' He replied: 'For luck or even for protection.'

He bought this stone for RM80

He asked me to try. Meaning the owner will inspect my thumb with a magnifying glass. He must be inspecting the thumb print lines. After a short while, he told me that the purple and the green stones suit me. I chose the purple one. I hold the stone in my hand over a special rounded stone in a small bowl. Surprisingly, that stone rotated. Then he asked for my age. I didn't want to tell but my husband said the man needed it to say some words on the stone.

I walked back to the shop after I had told told my husband to pay for it. Later, he told me that he only paid RM50 for mine as he had recommended quite a number of people.

my purple stone.

Actually, purple is my favorite. I have a purple pendant and a purple ring too.
Well, for this newly bought one, I will just keep it near me for protection.

The pendant that I bought from Shenzhen came off so I place the stone in my bedroom.
Having a piece in the bedroom will promote restful sleep and peaceful dreaming.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Car wash

Yesterday morning, I decided to wash my husband's car. I had used it on the 1 May to KL but I didn't wash it then. I usually have the car washed after its trip to outstation. I usually sent it for a car wash before I reached home. But this time round I didn't do the usual.

So the only thing that I could do was to wash it myself before my husband nags me for 'only know how to use it but don't know how to clean it'. That's his favorite statement.

But I did it simply..just sprayed it with water, then washed it with the car shampoo. Then just sprayed the water again to get rid of the shampoo. Done!

Have a look at May. She has recovered. I don't need to put bandage for her anymore.I just wash the area clean with dettol. But she's rather clean as she only 'makes business' at a particular place so that they don't mess up the place. She is lying near the entrance whereas Teddy is on the other side of the compound beside the car.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Filled with love

Enfagrow is giving out Mother's Day gifts to those qualified mothers. There are 19 of them. They are supposed to collect their gifts from my shop. So far, 4 mothers had collected their gifts. I have posted their photos at Chang Jiang.

lovely jewellery box and a RM5 voucher

I prepared some Mother's day gifts that were given to selected mothers yesterday.
View the lucky ones at Chang Jiang.

The boss had a meeting yesterday so I had to take care of the shop till 2 pm. When I reached home, I quickly checked my ice-cream. They were already hardened. I cut it into cubes and placed a cube on each ice-cream cone.

the butterscotch ice-cream
with peanut butter, nuts and jam

the strawberry ice-cream 
with digestive biscuits

In the evening, it's time for us to go for dinner. Nothing and nowhere special. We just went to the same eatery, The MovenPeak.

This was my seafood rice noodles.
Delicious: up to my taste as it's not too salty

View the whole set of dish at Scrumptious.

Last but not least, I just visited Hayley's blog and
thanks for this lovely award!
I will write more about it in my Knowledge blog.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Ice-Cream Making

I received two packets of ice-cream mix from my girl in UK. She wanted me to make the ice-cream and show her the outcome.

So last night, I hurriedly came back earlier at 9.30pm. Quickly bathed and immediately started making the ice-cream.

Butter scotch flavored ice cream mix.

Ingredients to be added:
peanut butter, jam, cashew nuts and walnuts.

150ml of fresh chilled milk - the main ingredient

Poured the whole sachet of the mix.into the milk.

Whisked it for 5 minutes.

Poured into a container.

Covered it and freezed it for at least 4 hours.

Started with the second packet - the strawberry flavored
Got to wait for the outcome.
Will check on them after my good night sleep..

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