Few days ago, my girl told me that she saw a rat running across the living room. The next day she saw it running across the kitchen. I told her that I would bring back the sticky glue cardboard but I kept on forgetting. 

So yesterday morning, I was at the kitchen and I could smell something bad. I looked down the table and I saw them!
Actually I placed that sticky cardboard long ago to trap lizards but here I trapped two rats!
Of course, I had to clear them away.

Next, I saw this box of gift in the rack in my dining room.
I decided to make it as a Father's Day winning prize at
Chang Jiang facebook.

That reminded me to order two packets of Fitline Herbalslim tea from KL.
I just had to fax my order and my credit card authorization form.

Next, after my lunch, I quickly rushed to the post office.
I had to send a gift to someone as soon as possible.

When I was near the Post Office, I took some pictures of the surroundings.

Formerly it was a garden. 
Now it's a vast garden supposedly to be a musical fountain area.

The railway station: just a stone's throw away.

It was a sunny afternoon and I love the sky.
Quickly done my chore at the post office and
reached my shop just after 12.10pm.
My new cashier was waiting for me to be there before she could 
go back for lunch.

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  1. Yuck...but I'm glad you caught the rats!

  2. OMG, saw two dead rats first thing early in the morning!! SK faints!! but glad that the sticky card worked well to get them caught "red handed" huh?? hahahahaha..

  3. thanks for that brief tour of Ipoh city, haha.. a vast garden supposedly to be a musical fountain area?? so what is it now?? just an empty piece of land, and the fountain project is indefinitely postponed?? hmmmm, so malaysia~~ :D

  4. hello Wenn, one of these days, we go out for lunch! Most probably next week.. yes, I took my sis & BIL to all the old heritage buildings just last Sunday.. they love to see all these historical buildings...

  5. wah nice gift for Father's Day. Lucky for the one who win

    1. ooo the this really works ah...i didnt thought of getting those paper when discovered a mouse in my house . Bought a cage instead then was pening how to get rid of the mouse which was caught

  6. Eeeww.. The rats photo is very gerli la! I hate rats!
    But glad that you managed to catch them, they are just too annoying!

  7. I usually use the rat cage to trap them.

  8. Yucks! I am scared of rats. So how did you get rid of them - bury them or just throw them in the thrash?

    The surroundings of the post office looks nice!

  9. those kinds of traps won't work here
    the rats i saw around our neighborhood was as big as
    a cat haha

  10. haha was it weird, i feel gross when huge rats were caught
    but when they were still mice, i kinda pityful haha

  11. another huge giveaway event huh,
    what would be the concept now? i mean would it be another
    photo contest?

  12. a rail wail station huh, it seems like our city hall hahaha
    anyway the place looks great however i think if there are trees
    the ambience will be fresher

  13. have a great day and happy blogging wenn
    take the best of care and god bless you

  14. Eeeee may the rodent rats in peace

  15. Alamak!!! The rats!!!! OMG! I often kicked them away but won't kill them. So cruel lah.

  16. Oh dear, you also wanna trap lizards too! Why? They made a mess on your food and walls?? I have this problems too until I found a repellent that scared all the lizards away from my altar. Now all my Gods and Buddhas sit peacefully on my altar. LOL

    1. I will buy the repellents and send to you as a small gift. It will guarantee that all the lizards will migrate to your neighbour's homes!!! Muahahahahahaha

      This one is good and don't kill lives.

  17. Scary rats!!! I'm not afraid of rat but I hate rat!!!


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