Love from Perth

It was a sweet surprise yesterday when I reached my desk. There I could see a postcard. It's from my girl in Australia. So sweet of her! Next to the postcard, I saw a letter for me. It's from Mun. I opened it up immediately and there I saw two amazing face mask from Bali in the form of fridge magnet.

postcard from Perth

Bali fridge magnets

sweet notes from my girl

I placed them on my fridge door

Thank you my girl..
Thank you Mun! 
It was a pleasant surprise from you!


  1. Nice face mask fridge magnets! I miss Bali.

  2. Yes so nice of Mun and so sweet of your girl.....

  3. wow, this must be a sweet day for you huh?? all tired back home from work, and you saw the postcard with a warm message from your girl, and two beautiful fridge magnet from mun.. i feel so happy for you too~~ :)

  4. Wow nice, another pretty thing to add into your collections already!

  5. So sweet of your girl, Wenn. And the Bali mask fridge magnet are beautiful.

  6. Good afternoon Wenn,

    I am happy to be able to give you a nice surprise after all the nice surprises you have sprung on me. :D

    How nice also to have two surprises on the same day! A very warm and loving message from your daughter on a beautiful Perth post card.

    Bali is such a lovely place. Glad you like the two face masks from Bali. :)

    Have a good weekend! Take care.

  7. And I forgot to say in reply to your thanks, Wenn, that you are most welcome! :)

  8. And also thank you for posting up photos of your lovely post card and the two magnets. Silly me, I forgot to take photos of those magnets before sending them over to you so really thanks to you for their photos, hehehe.

  9. well postcards are really a cute thing to have
    since i love seeing pictures of other
    places i love receiving it too

  10. you're daughters were as well generous huh!
    like mother like dayghter it is indeed

  11. anywas the magnets looks great! i like it a lot
    so colorful and sure reminds me of bali

  12. have a great day and happy blogging wenn
    take care always and god bless you too

  13. The Bali fridge magnet is surprisingly not eerie! Very nice indeed :)

  14. Replies
    1. she always leave comment in every post though she doesnt post daily

  15. This is so lovely!!! Nice postcard!!! Nice fridge magnet!!! =]

  16. I love the fridge magnet!!! It is awesome and nice with dotted arts!

  17. You are so kind to so many people and bloggers. You can see all your happy returns now. Wenn you are like a fridge magnet that can draw so many friends and supporters from all over the world. Muahahahaha


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