Take a break

I usually cook in the morning, take my lunch and then straight to work. I make sure that I reach my workplace before 12pm. That's when my cashier needs a lunch break. 

Well, I cook simple dishes. My boy always asks me, "Ma, tomorrow eat what?"
I always reply, "Fish lo..your favorite!" 

But I need vegetables, my favorite. I could just eat most of the vegetables and leave the whole piece of fish for my boy and girl. 

8 May 13

10 May 13

14 may 13

21 May 13

22 May 13

My boy would say, "Ma, why only two dishes? Cook more la."
I would reply, "Oh, then why don't you cook for me?"

If he needs to stay back after school, he would say, "Ma, tomorrow don't cook for me ah."
I would say, "Great! Tomorrow I can simply cook without fish!"

By the way, I need to take a break from cooking, working and blogging too..

And here's announcing my top regulars for this month. As usual, make sure you don't miss commenting even on a single post. So leave your footprints on every post. Thank you for your support.

Small Kucing, SK, Twilight Man, Somewhere in Singapore, Mecoy and Mun. 
I won't be sending gifts yet. Will send together after next month.

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Take care and hope to see all of you soon.


  1. Congrats to all! Do keep on supporting Wenn.

    Dear Wenn,

    Please do take a break if you need it. You have been working very hard. We will continue to support you.

    I like to eat fish too but I don't cook so I always eat economy rice with 2 vege and 1 slice of steamed fish.

  2. Like you I prefer to eat mostly vegetables.

  3. Normally, do you do your marketing weekly?

  4. hehe... I'm in the list again of the top regulars, hehe...

  5. hahaha, looks like most of the meals you are cooking for your boy only huh?? i see fish in every meal you cooked!! hmmm, he doesn't like any thing other than pan fried fish??

  6. hehehehe, i think most of the boys will like more variety of dishes lah, especially those who doesn't like veggie.. i used to, but now as i grow up, i think maybe two to three dishes will do lah.. one meat, one veggie, one egg or soup.. oh yeah, soup is must for me as i don't eat rice~~ :p

  7. I love fish too...

    Going for a break? happy holiday ya...

    congrats to all the winners....

  8. I can eat fish everyday. Enjoy your break!

  9. Happy holiday, I will value all simple and hearty homecooked food like yours.

  10. Really got fish and greens everyday~! Very good, these 2 are very healthy and nutritious!

    Take care and enjoy your break!

  11. Good afternoon! Did I win something? That's nice!! Hip Hip Hooray!

  12. Your son reminds me of myself asking my mum everyday what's the next meal?? She would tell me there's so much left overs but I loved them.

  13. Your boy really likes fish hor and fried fish. He doesnt like cook other way ?

    1. look forward to your next blog when you have the time

  14. well for my opinion there's nothing more delicious
    than a mother's dish haha
    my mom cooks a lot of dishes but even though
    it was most of the time the same
    it was still great for us

  15. nop wonder why your boy loves fish
    it looks perfectly done!
    and i bet your daughter miss that a lot too

  16. im not sio much of a veggie eater but then,
    since i have been with my aunt for a long time
    which was a vegetarian i have no choice but to eat vegetables
    but then eventually i liked it

  17. i was torned between the first second and last set
    of meal haha it all looks yummy and nopw it had
    made me hungry

  18. ohh im in the list again? cool!
    congarts to all of us! never mind the gift wenn
    for me it was just a bonus thingy but then it's
    your appreciation counts the most

  19. have a great day and happy blogging wenn
    takle care always and god bless you

  20. I never miss any of your post lol!!! =]


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