Another one of my staff is leaving. She has handed in her resignation letter about two weeks ago. She is resigning on the 10 June but she has her annual leaves to cover up the days in June. So she will only be with us till the end of this month. But considering that I won't be around when she leaves, I decided to give her a personal farewell. 

I bought a cake only for her.

A set of KFCs for all of us.

5 Spicy fried chicken -
for the boss, 2 sales promoters and 2 staff

5 Zinger burgers -
for the resigning staff, cashier and 3 part-timed workers

2 Colonel Burgers -
for the cashier and the boss

Mashed potatoes - specially for the boss

All well distributed. A staff and I have none as we didn't want.

Farewell, Lan!
All the best to your future undertakings!


  1. all the best to Lan.. and it's so nice of the lady boss to have a personal farewell for her!! :)

  2. Nice farwell party and good looking cake!

  3. Lovely cake!!! All the best to Lan!!! =]

  4. Ya, all the best to Lan! As before, you are really a very generous lady boss!

  5. People comes and easy go. I'm sure you already have replacement of staff.

  6. Another leaving? So your shop must be short of staff now?

    Hmm, anyway that's a very nice cake!

  7. You are so generous all the time. Treating your staffs with so much good food. They must work harder for you and your boss.

  8. another one is leaving? well
    perhaps their plans were on good shape
    and so they choose to leave

  9. the cake looks great and yummy!
    i never had such treat back on my
    working days like that

  10. yum yum for the spicy fried chicken! and as well
    as for that burger and garvy looks great as always from

  11. anyway i used to put gravy on my burgers
    have you ever done that? haha
    or im just one hell of a weird eater

  12. have a great day and happy blogging wenn
    take care always and god bless you

  13. The KFC looks great... my colleagues told me that the korean kfc is tasty...

  14. Great farewell party for your staff.

  15. Wah! A KFC farewell.

    All the best to your staff

  16. wa you staffs so much annual leave ya.

    1. *your

      ice of you to give her special treat . All the best to her on her future undertakings

  17. You always celebrate farewells for almost everyone. They will remember your kindness!

  18. I rarely had farewells when I left my old companies! They probably were happy that I got rid of myself. Muahahahaha


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