Precious stones

Last Saturday, I was curious as I saw so many people surrounded a man. They were about 6 shops away. So I just walked over to have a look. My husband was there too. He showed me the orange stone that he bought. 

So I asked: 'What  is it for?' He replied: 'For luck or even for protection.'

He bought this stone for RM80

He asked me to try. Meaning the owner will inspect my thumb with a magnifying glass. He must be inspecting the thumb print lines. After a short while, he told me that the purple and the green stones suit me. I chose the purple one. I hold the stone in my hand over a special rounded stone in a small bowl. Surprisingly, that stone rotated. Then he asked for my age. I didn't want to tell but my husband said the man needed it to say some words on the stone.

I walked back to the shop after I had told told my husband to pay for it. Later, he told me that he only paid RM50 for mine as he had recommended quite a number of people.

my purple stone.

Actually, purple is my favorite. I have a purple pendant and a purple ring too.
Well, for this newly bought one, I will just keep it near me for protection.

The pendant that I bought from Shenzhen came off so I place the stone in my bedroom.
Having a piece in the bedroom will promote restful sleep and peaceful dreaming.


  1. Good morning Wenn,

    How come these stones are so affordable?

    Sleep well!

  2. oh, those are very beautiful stones.. i wonder what kind of stones those are?? they look good and great that they also radiate good chi to the owner.. :)

  3. the man 6 shops away must have been making a huge fortune.. i am wondering if the boss or lady boss is going to consider venturing into this business also?? haha~~ :)

  4. wow RM50 AND rm80 for those stones are not expensive. I like purple and red or even yellow stone.

  5. Anyway, my birth stone is diamond.

  6. 6 shops away, then that man was really crowded with alot of people

  7. So are you going to make a pendant with your fav purple stone? it would be lovely.

  8. Sometimes if i see people surrounding those selling things, i usually will go kpo and see... lol

  9. haha.. usually I all walk away from these peddlers. btw, I like amethyst too!

  10. Can make this stone into pendant? That will be more practical to wear it on then keep it somewhere. This is just my thought.

  11. The stone rotated in your palm? That is interesting

    1. I agree with Yan. Would be great if can make into pendant .

  12. What interesting stones. :)

  13. The stone your hubby bought looks like fish oil to me, hehehe :p

    Hopefully this stone works fine for you and your husband.

  14. wow that's cool! a stone specially for you
    huh are all colors for luck and protection?

  15. i heard that chinese has a lot of tradition regarding stones, you these birth stone beliefs right?
    well mine was ruby which was i really like coz it's red haha

  16. well I think there's nothing wrong in believing
    on such stuffs until it was not affecting your
    life or something

  17. perhaps you should put that on your purse
    if it's really for luck, it'll invite money to come ion haha

  18. have a great day and happy blogging wenn
    take care always and god bless you

  19. I am also a very firm believer of precious stones or crystals. I have been sharing with friends that crystals do emit all kinds of energy to enhance the room, place or wearer.

  20. I was happy to visit the Science Museum in Shanghai which displayed ancient crystals and reports how they have energies inside!!!


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