Mother's Day Spaghetti

Yesterday, I decided to cook spaghetti for my husband, boy and girl. Very simple one actually..

ingredients: fried fish cake, lettuce, fried onions, omelette, pasta sauce with minced meat and spaghetti

ready four portions

distributed the sauce evenly

Then I sent the container of spaghetti over to my husband.
He's working but I took the day off.
No comment but since everyone finished it without any leftovers, I presume it's ok :)

I was looking over at my photo album and I found this.
I was there with some of my school mates. It's a priceless photo.
At that time, I was working in PJ.
Such sweet memories.
Thus I posted at my school's (alma mater) facebook.

I also collected some pictures for my Educator blog. :)


  1. No leftovers means very yummy! I like to eat spaghetti and can eat a lot.

    Looking through photo albums brings back so many fond memories for you. Happy travelling down memory lane!

  2. mother's day spaghetti?? haha, i thought mother's day was already over?? hmmmm, no comment from everyone on your spaghetti?? at least that doesn't mean something negative right?? and no leftover means they are good!! :)

  3. oh, nice photo that is!! i love looking at old photos, haha.. but which one was you really?? don't think i can recognize you in the photo at all.. :p

  4. Yummy!
    Thanks for inviting us too :-)


  5. I also cooked spaghetti on Mother's Day! :)

  6. But i thought Mother's Day is last sun?

  7. mother's day spaghetti for everyone in the family. Good one!

  8. Any left for me... taste really good.

  9. what kind of pasta sauce are you using? my favourite is Prego.

  10. Hmm, it is not simple to me, consider very good and lots of ingredients already!

  11. My kids love this very much too! I must learn how to cook... but I think now they are more clever than me.. haha..

  12. Lol......yiurs is much much better than mine

  13. The spaghetti look yummy....

  14. are those tofu and cabbage? never tried
    any spaghetti with such ingredients haha
    but come to think of it i kinda like it

  15. now this reminds me that it's been quite
    a while since the last time i ate that,
    which was actually my most favorite

  16. i really love looking at old photos!
    i used to browse my mother's photo album
    looking how people like back then

  17. those clothes that was actually my perception of that era hahha

  18. have a great day and happy bloggin wenn
    take care and god bless you too

  19. Wah! This is the first time I see a Malaysian styled Spaghetti with different ingredients.

  20. I noticed that you are creative to use different ingredients. You got them happy to eat without comments. They were TOO HAPPY for words! LOL.

  21. I always have ready ingredients for Spaghetti meals at home and I will definitely add the fried onions! I love them like crazy and never thought it could eat them with spaghetti. Yummy!


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