Excitement in Korea

Everland is a must-not-missed venue.

We reached there at almost 11am.

Full of pretty flowers decoration. 

We experienced the chair cable.

One of the best was the Four Seasons Garden. 

I love this bed of flowers the most.

Next, it was the rose garden..

and the fairy garden too.

We didn't missed the parade.

Next on the list was kimci making..
Kimci done by me..

A chance of a lifetime to try on the costume. 

Another Korean dinner..

before we checked in the hotel.

Another day to explore Seoul before we say goodbye to it..


  1. I went to the same place also...but I didn't see the parade...

  2. Yes Everland is a great place. We also reached around that time so we didnt play much except that great Loop. Lovely flowers. We didnt see any as it was still winter that time. But we experience snow! Hehe.

    Yes, we tried the costume and kimchi making too. Nice pic of you in the costume.

  3. oh yeah, i have heard of the Everland, what an interesting place.. and you look great sitting on the "fairy throne", look just like the WENNderqueen!! hehe.. so how was the kimchi you made yourself?? nice?? haha~~ :p

    1. Yeah she looked like the Last Princess of Joseon!

  4. interesting!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  5. Your trip is so interesting and coming to an end so fast. I went to Lotte World which was quite big. I wonder which one is bigger? I must check out Everland next trip.

    I noticed the tour didn't take you shopping at Gangnam or Dongdaemun's shopping havens. I will go there on my own next time.

  6. I guess Everland is the Disneyland of Korea. Good to see you having fun there!

  7. I forgot how the kimchi was made already.. hahaha.. you better record it well.. come back and then you can do it yourself..
    Do you realize that Koreans have a lot of plates to wash after one meal? I think Japanese too... :)

  8. The colour of the flowers are very bright.. Nice.. Not a fan of kimchi but if handmade from scratch by myself, I might have a bite la, hehe

  9. Everland is a must go! But must have a whole day time there, I was there last year but sadly time wasn't enough! Wish to go there again~

  10. what a wonderful place. I love the flowers. The orange ones looks like christmassy type of flower though it is not


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