Take a break

It's the time of the year when I will take a break from everything. Just going to enjoy myself to the fullest. Not going to blog but I may update my whereabout at facebook and Whatapps.

So see all of you in 9 days time..

Take care and all the best in whatever you are doing..


  1. Going to Korea? Have a safe flight and enjoy yourself to the fullest!

  2. Going for your holiday??? Enjoy yourself and look for your update in fb! :)

  3. Wah, I like this post.. I mean, I like what you wrote.. Like very suspense like that.. "hou yau san pei kam".. Yep, don't worry about blogging, go enjoy first, come back only report to us, k? Tata..

  4. woot woot!! the WENNderwoman is going for a holiday *again*!!! enjoy your trip and have fun.. see you soon.. :)

  5. Enjoy yourself to the fullest too, Wenn!

  6. You also, enjoy ya! Don't worry about blogging~

  7. Have fun!!! Enjoy your trip ya!!! =]


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