Korea Day 4

Breakfast first..

Then headed to the National Park.

Rode the cabin half way..

and then climbed further to view the Sorak peak.

The Buddhist temple was visited too..

We then had our lunch.

before we visited the Teddy Bear farm.

Then, we checked in the hotel first..

before we had our Korean dinner.

Left 2 more days before the trip is completed.


  1. I went to the National Park before!! =]

    But not the same Teddy Bear farm, I heard there's two teddy bear museum, mine one was near to the hotel one, how about yours?

    1. Me too, went to the National Park too, the cable car ride to the peak is exciting! It was winter that time and all we see from the cable car is white!

  2. The weather seems so cool up on the National Park. Breakfast looks good but is that steamboat or some kind of stew for lunch?

  3. beautiful places and yummy food i can see, and of course a pretty WENNderwoman in the photos too, hehehehehe!! looks like you are enjoying your trip very much, good for you :)

  4. Saw your updates in FB.. I love the teddy bear place..

  5. I enjoyed the pictures of the teddy bears in your fb. Time flies fast when you have great time, right?

  6. Yes ... love all your wonderful pics of Korea. I want to go there too !

  7. I can remember the Teddy bear farm only... other places, I couldn't recall.. hahaha..

  8. I had never been to the Teddy Bear farm because my tour group wanted to see other places. I love the Korean food. You are having lots of fun there!

  9. very nice..
    soon it will be my turn to visit korea...


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