Vegetarian Potluck

We decided to have a potluck recently as it coincided with the public holiday. I was thinking of having it at my place again. The fruit party during Wesak day holiday was held at my place. 

Show you what I had during the gathering.
But I had second helping though..

Both of them were kind enough to offer their place. So saved me the trouble to upkeep my place.

All in all, we went to the host's place with our contribution.

So much to eat and it ended well too.
My friend gave me some of her vegetable & fruit salad.
The moment I reached home, I finished it up!
So yummy!

Might have another potluck but not vegetarian again.


  1. Next time could be fish potluck?

  2. What a successful vegetarian potluck!

  3. Good to have pots of luck regularly haha.

  4. Good to have such gathering regularly...

  5. it's always nice to have potluck party.. everyone contribute one type of food and there will be lots of great food to savor by then!! so you have a theme for the potluck, that's really a great idea.. so when's next and what's gonna be the theme?? :)

  6. Saw this in FB and all the food looks very mouth watering.. I remembered there was a watermelon jelly.. Yummzzz

  7. Nice potluck gathering there! Nowadays I prefer more vegetables than meat... time to change my eating style... hahahaa.. Good to take more vegetables but I don't think I can be vegetarian.. :)

  8. I love potluck. We get to eat more. But I never had a vegetarian potluck before.

  9. what a good idea of potluck. Vagetarian some more. healthy

  10. I am great fan of vegetable and fruit salads which is healthy. Potluck is always easy and fun to share our food besides saving time.


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