Trick Art Museum

The Trick Art Museum in Jeju Island is awesome. So much better than the one in Penang. When I was in Penang, my eldest girl was the photographer. In Jeju island, my second girl was willing to do the photographing. Thank God..otherwise I wouldn't get to experience the fun of posing with the 3D pictures. 

let's get in..
feeding the giraffe..
why so sad??
come..let me sayang..
I had posed with many of  the pictures.
You can view all of them at my facebook page..


  1. Saw this update in FB.. I like your giraffe and panda picture.. Good pose haha..

  2. oh, indeed very interesting artwork there!! and hahaha, rarely see WENNderwoman being so naughty with poses and words, and she said "come, let me sayang" somemore, haha~~ co cute!!!

  3. LOL.... it really looks real.

  4. I've been to some trick art museum at Jeju as well, but not the same like yours, but their arts are almost the same, very fun and looks real!

  5. Wenn you are truly sporting to do many poses with the 3D pictures. Good!

  6. They really looked good! Thumbs up!
    My friend also posed in this trick arts museum in Japan and it was awesome in different setting. My office colleagues also posed in one at Shanghai which dropped my jaws too!
    Oh come on, why Malaysia Boleh cannot do a better one?

  7. I never been to a 3D museum before.. but my girl had... yes, the youngsters are more creative than us anytime! Good Experiences, Wenn!

  8. sure have fun there. I have never been to a 3D museum


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