Saturday, March 29, 2014

Greetings from Italy

1.30pm from Ipoh to KLIA on Wednesday. Flight at 9pm.
I was at the airport since 5.30pm.

Watched Frozen which I missed, on board the plane to Bangkok.

Flew from Bangkok at 1am on Thursday.

Reached Milan at 7am on Thursday Euro time.

Reached Venice by coach at 12.30pm. Had lunch and then boat transfer to Venice Island.

On Friday, we got ready for a trip to Pisa. Those two Italians are our drivers.

Here's trying to support the leaning tower of Pisa.

To the Florence square.

Last but not least a great statue.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Italy Itinerary

 Last year I was in Greece. It's my first incentive trip. Italy will be my second one. It's sponsored by Wyeth which deals in S26 milk powder.

This trip is just a short one as it's for holiday purposes.

It's a 7 days and 4 nights trip.

Here's the itinerary:

Venice Marco Polo Airport.
Venice island.
St Mark's Square, the Byzantine Basilica, Doges' Palace and the Bridge of Sighs.
The traditional glass-blowing factory.

Cathedral, Signoria Square, Santa Croce Basilica, Baptistry and Pizzaale Michelangelo.

Leaning tower

Vatican City, St Peter's Square monuments and Basilica, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum 

While I'm away for the holiday, my boy will be helping out at the shop. It will be a good break for me. Stay tuned and I might post some pictures at Facebook/Experiences.

Short holidays

We saw my BIL and SIL last Saturday and today they are back to Australia. They were here for just 10 days. Before they came here, they were in Phuket for a short holiday.

Each time my BIL comes back, he wants to visit Sam Poh Tong where his late parents' ash pots are placed. So yesterday we went together for Cheng Beng for the very first time. My husband got up early to buy some vegetarian food and kueh for the prayer. 

When we reached Sam Poh Tong at 7.30am, only a few visitors were there. It was not congested and we were done by 8.30am.

We went back to First garden for our breakfast. We finished breakfast at 9.30am and we hurriedly went back as both of them would be traveling to KL before they caught their flight back to Australia.

Hope to see both of them again..probably next year.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Special Time Spent

Yesterday morning, I took both my BIL and SIL for breakfast. It's dim sum time as my SIL loves char siew pau.

We were rather full so no lunch for us. Instead I took them for cendol. Both of them love cendol very much. Before that, I helped my SIL to post some postcards to her friends and relatives. I even bought two batik sarongs for her as she loves wearing sarong.

Then we had a scrumptious farewell dinner for both of them.

All in the family gathered for a photo shoot.
It was fun and nice having both my BIL and SIL around. They will be back to their home soon. But before that, we are going cheng beng.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My favorite BIL and SIL

I knew my BIL (my husband's eldest brother) and SIL when I first got my transfer to Ipoh. They live in Australia. They used to come back every year to visit his parents and relatives.

When I got married, they couldn't make it but they came back during their holidays as they were both teachers. They brought me a kangaroo skin as a gift.

Since both his parents passed away, they still come back but not on a regular basis.

This time they came back because of his nephew's (his youngest sister's son) marriage. They were in Taiping after the marriage and they came to my place yesterday. So they will be with us till Saturday.

Yesterday evening, we took them to Tandoor Grill for our dinner as they love Indian food. They were satisfied with the food.

This evening we might have Japanese food for dinner. My SIL (my husband's youngest brother's wife) will take them for shopping plus lunch. 

Then on Friday, we are going to have a family dinner cum my BIL's (my husband's youngest brother) birthday treat.

Have an enjoyable time, dearest BIL and SIL!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The wedding

The wedding was planned since last year. We had planned to attend the wedding dinner at Seberang Perai hosted by the bride's family. Since only the husband and wife were asked to attend, we had to put our kids at my SIL's place in Taiping. Then those of us who came from far would stay at a rented house nearby. That's the whole plan.

My husband was away for a function in KL for a night and he drove back to Ipoh the next day. I was waiting for him to be back so that I could drive to Taiping with my 2 kids. He reached after 3pm. I quickly got ready and started my journey to Taiping. It was raining all the way.

When I reached Taiping, I picked up my mum. I reached the groom's place on time. It was still raining but we had to start our journey to Seberang Perai. My husband's uncle gave me a lift so I didn't need to drive there.

 After an hour, we reached the country club. We reached there on time.

 But the dinner started an hour later. Here's the first dish.

 The couple had champagne pouring into the glasses. Here's the toast to the guests.

We didn't finished through the dinner. We went back earlier and reached Taiping at 11pm. We were supposed to stay over at the rented house but since we had a place at my mum's place, we kindly refuted it.

The next day, we went to my SIL's place earlier at 11am but the couple only reached the groom's place at 1.30pm. Tea ceremony started and it was quick. At 3.30pm, we reached back my mum's place. Took a rest and then we adjourned to the restaurant for the dinner.

 Another round of champagne pouring and toast too.

Here's the first dish.

After the dinner, we went back to my mum's place and stayed over as it was already almost 11pm. The next day, I drove back to Ipoh. Then I went back to work.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Clash of the funeral and wedding

Who don't love weddings? Detailed preparation is made prior to a wedding. A wedding is coming this Sunday and everyone of us is ready to take part in the ceremony. 

But suddenly there is a bad news. A close relative passed away just two days ago and many were hesitating to attend the wake and the funeral. Majority of them would prefer to attend the wedding. Why?

Because according to the parents of the bride and the groom, those who attended the funeral are not allowed to join the wedding ceremony. Because of this, my husband with her sister and BIL opted out and attended the funeral yesterday.

Therefore, my husband and I won't be attending the wedding together. I will take my girl, my boy and my mum with me for the wedding.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Flight Phobia

I am ok with taking flights but not my husband. He has phobia of heights and flying. He had heard stories of plane crash from people and news too.

He told me before that he would never take flights with me. It's very risky to take flights together. We never know what might happen. He related a case whereby the whole family of his friend was sacrificed during a crash many years ago. From then on, he swore that he would never fly.

The last time I flew with him was before my boy was born. It was in 1996 when we went to Phuket for a holiday. Since then, he hasn't been flying much. The last time he flew with his friends was in 1998 when they went to Cambodia.

My husband's brother lives in Australia and he has been asking him to fly with me to visit him. But the answer is alway a No. That's why I don't travel with him. Many people were surprised that we don't fly together.

Even if we need to fly somewhere, he will take a different plane. How ridiculous! But it's really his decision should he need to fly.

There was an occasion when I was seated next to an Arabian lady. We were on our way to Dubai. There was a turbulence in the plane and let me tell you, it was really shaky. I was worried but I had to console this lady beside me. She was holding my hand tight and scared. I told her patiently that everything would be fine. Thank God! Everything was fine after that.

Every now and then when I was flying, I experienced that kind of fear but I always put aside the fear by watching the movies.

It's fated and really, "Malang tidak Berbau".

I really hope miracle happened and those passengers of MH370 would soon be found safe and sound. God bless all of them. 

Friday, March 7, 2014


Let me tell a true story. 

One day a regular customer of mine came to my shop and told me that she would be going for a knee surgery as she was experiencing serious knee pain. All I could do was wishing her all the best. Since then, I didn't see her at all. I supposed she must be home bound. Out of the blue, she came to see me and I could see that she could walk perfectly without any pain. She said she didn't go for the surgery.

Of course, I was surprised. Then she told me her story: 

One day she was at the market walking in pain. Someone came to her and asked her to try Gamat Asli. While taking it, she experienced real pain for exactly 3 months. Then she felt that her pain slowly decreased and finally free from pain totally.

Next came her appointment for the surgery. She saw her doctor and even the doctor was surprised that she could walk without pain. The doctor did a knee scan on her and found out that there's a layer of cartilage in between. Previously her last scan had shown no cartilage.

I was curious and so she invited me to a talk about Gamat Asli. During the talk, they also talked about PPAR Life. One testimony was such:

A young girl in her twenties went for cancer markers test and found that she has a cancerous tumour. She wanted to go for a surgery but it happened that someone asked her to try PPAR Life for at least 3 months. She did and she went for her next scan. Surprisingly, the tumour had decreased in size.

I started recommending PPAR Life:

1. I was thinking about my part-time worker's mum who has cancer. I asked her to buy it for her mum. She did and her mum started taking it after her scan which showed that her readings of the cancer markers was 100 above. In 3 week's time, she went for her regular check-up. The reading had gone down to 60 plus. It has gradually gone down. Now her reading is at 20 plus. 

Her mum had finished a bottle and now she's starting her second bottle. She also recommended it to her BIL who has cancer too. He bought 2 bottles since he stays in JB.

2. A customer came to my shop with a tired look. I didn't dare to ask him why until one day his daughter broke his secret. He has cancer. I told him about the goodness of PPAR and he bought a bottle. When I saw him few weeks later, he looked so energetic.

3. Another customer simply asked me if there's any medication for decreasing white blood cells count. Again I recommended PPAR Life. He followed my instructions carefully. Weeks later he came back and announced that his white blood cells count has actually decreased. He was so happy.

4. Another stranger came and asked for PPAR Life. I was surprised and I realized that the above customer asked him to see me. So he bought a bottle and I have yet to hear from him.

Instructions on how to take the tablets:
- take 2 tablets day and night for a week
- take 3 tablets day and night for the following week.
- keep on adding a tablet for each additional week.
- maintain 8 tablets throughout.

The consumer needs to drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins from the cells.

I hope this supplement can really help cancer patients to live their lives without sufferings.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Penang White Curry Noodle

Most people seem to be crazy of this new noodle in the market. I have seen this packet of noodles in our shop but I am not as excited as some people. Why? Because I actually dislike taking instant noodles.

My boy used to like instant noodles. So he tried it. He said it's nothing special. What about you? Have you tasted it?
My brother posted it and tagged me:
There were several responses..

  • Have you tried? Is that really good?

  • ohma, i've tried and dont think it's better than maggi's curry. I still prefer maggi.

  • Tried looking for it in a few places but all out of stock. Haven't tried it yet. But seems like it is the new craze.

  • Really nice ?

  • Got plenty at giant sunway. .Maggi kari letup still the best

  • craze since last year...

  • adi taken a few times...really nice..

  • go get a pack of 4s and try laa. I wanted to try it but around my area tak'ade. Hv to go until Sunway Giant to buy, lol.

  • Orh .... Just now bought some for my parents but not this brand ... Can not eat instant Mee la high calories la

  • just had it for dinner. it's absolutely divine!!

  • Wow! noodles from Penang. I am getting mine from Chang Jiang, First Garden, Ipoh to try it out. Thanks Richard for sharing.

    So I posted too and I got various responses too..
    I was attracted to this particular response:
    * Yeap, out of stock in Penang too during cny !!! My sis bought a box n distributed to all my family members !!! Coconut milk powder is included !!! That's what made it special !!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hello March

Time really flies! Now it's already March! What have I achieved before the end of February. I would say I had done quite a lot. Let's see:

This packet is called Greenz. My upline told me that it's good for detoxification.
She gave me 3 packets and I had tried one few days ago before I went to sleep.
The next morning, I had my usual business in the toilet.
Not long after, I had the urge to go to the toilet again.
I felt as if my bowel system was totally cleansed.
Thumbs up!
So I had ordered 2 boxes. Each box contains 20 sachets.
I put them in my shop as I intend to recommend to my customers who need them.

I didn't fry nin ko as my mum usually fried for me.
She knew I simply love them.
When she was not staying with me, I had my staff's mum to fry for me.
Now that this staff was not with us anymore, I had to do it myself.
The first time was a failure as I didn't wait for the oil to be hot enough.
This time I made sure that the oil was super hot.
Great! They turned up well!
They were crispy and the boss had two. 
The rest were finished by myself!
I still have the nin ko. I just need to buy more potatoes.

3. Fitline
I knew about the price increase starting March but I was still procrastinating if I should buy more sets to keep. Last minute ie yesterday, I quickly faxed in my order. I even told my 2 downlines about the price increase. I received good news. Both ordered a full set (6 sets) with special offer. I quickly told my sister (my upline) about it as I didn't want her to lose out.Yesterday was my most successful Fitline time in 2014.

4. Regarding my top commenters, I had announced them at the beginning of each month since September 2012 until January 2014. I won't be doing it on a monthly basis anymore. I will do it at random. Anyway, thank you to all of you for your support and I really appreciate it.
I will be going to Italy in a few weeks time and I hope to get some souvenirs from there.

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